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The Tateyama Expressway (館山自動車道, Tateyama Jidōsha-dō) is a national expressway in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It is owned and operated by East Nippon Expressway Company.

Tateyama Expressway sign

Tateyama Expressway
館山自動車道 E14 Expressway (Japan).png
Route information
Length55.7 km[2] (34.6 mi)
Major junctions
FromChūō-ku, Chiba
Japanese National Route Sign 0016.svgE14 Expressway (Japan).png Keiyō Road
ToFuttsu-Takeoka Interchange in Futtsu, Chiba
Japanese National Route Sign 0127.svgE14 Expressway (Japan).png Futtsu Tateyama Road
Chiba Prefectural Route 91
Major citiesIchihara, Sodegaura, Kisarazu, Kimitsu, Futtsu
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan



Tateyama refers to the city of the same name on the Bōsō Peninsula, a major city in the region. Though the Tateyama Expressway does not actually reach the city proper, its extension the Futtsu Tateyama Road terminates at a point just beyond the city boundary in Minamibōsō City.

Officially the expressway is referred to as the Higashi-Kantō Expressway Tateyama Route and the Higashi-Kantō Expressway Chiba Futtsu Route.[3]


Together with the Keiyō Road and Futtsu Tateyama Road, the expressway forms a link connecting the greater Tokyo area with southern Chiba Prefecture. The expressway has a junction with the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, creating the only direct road link connecting Chiba and Kanagawa Prefectures.

The first section of the expressway was opened to traffic in 1995 and the entire route was completed in 2007.[4] The section from Kimitsu Interchange to Futtsu-Takeoka Interchange is 2 lanes, while the remainder is 4 lanes.

List of interchanges and featuresEdit

Main RouteEdit

No. Name Connections Dist. from
Dist. from
Bus Stop Notes Location
(all in Chiba)
Through to    Keiyō Road
13 Ichihara IC   National Route 297 (Ichihara Bypass) 8.0 43.4 Ichihara
BR Yōrōgawa Bridge
SA Ichihara SA (11.7)
14 Anesaki-Sodegaura IC Pref. Route 24 (Chiba Kamogawa Route) 18.0 33.4
BR Obitsugawa Bridge Kisarazu
15 Kisarazu-kita IC   National Route 409 (Bōsō Ōdan Road)
  National Route 410
25.0 26.4 Kisarazu
16 Kisarazu JCT    Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line
   Ken-Ō Expressway
26.8 24.6
17 Kisarazu-minami JCT   Kisarazu-minami Branch Route 30.7 20.7
BS Kisarazu-Hatorino Bus Stop
18 Kimitsu IC Pref. Route 92 (Kimitsu Kamogawa Route) 34.7 16.7 Kimitsu
BR Koitogawa Bridge
PA Kimitsu PA 39.3 12.1
19 Futtsu-Chūō IC   National Route 127 (Uchibō Nagisa Line) 43.9 7.5 Futtsu
TN Tenba Tunnel Length - 1,260 m
20 Futtsu-Takeoka IC Pref. Route 91 (Takeoka Inter Route) 51.4 0.0
Through to    Futtsu Tateyama Road

Kisarazu-minami Branch RouteEdit

No. Name Connections Dist. from
Dist. from
Bus Stop Notes Location
(all in Chiba)
17 Kisarazu-minami JCT   Main Route 0.0 4.3 Kisarazu
TB Kisarazu-minami Toll Gate
17-1 Kisarazu-minami IC   National Route 127
  National Route 16 (Tokyo Wangan Road)
4.3 0.0


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