Tata Birla

Tata Birla is a 1996 Tamil language comedy film directed by C Ranganathan. The film features Parthiban, Rachana Banerjee and Goundamani in lead roles. The film, produced by MSV Murali, had musical score by Vidyasagar and was released on 4 October 1996.[1][2] It was later remade in Telugu as Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila.

Tata Birla
Directed byC Ranganathan
Produced byMSV Murali
Written byC Ranganathan
Music byVidyasagar
Edited byMani Bharathy
Shree Vijayalakshmi Movieland
Distributed byShree Vijayalakshmi Movieland
Release date
4 October 1996
Running time
120 minutes


Priya (Rachana Banerjee) lost her parents when she was a kid and the will decree that her huge wealth would go to an orphanage if something bad happened to her by someone in line to inherit the property after her, before her 21st birthday. Her father's younger brother Ramanathan has cleverly positioned himself as an affectionate uncle to his niece Priya. Priya grows up in Ooty with her very rich maternal grandparents and uncle.

Here enter two petty thieves: Raja (Parthiban) and Ranjith (Goundamani), of Coimbatore who makes small robberies to live. One day they Rob a bank to end their life of misery and theft. Ramanathan is also inside the bank and is impressed by their guts. But their plan fails and they are arrested. Ramanathan bails them out and offers them the assignment to kill Priya as she is about to be 21. The duo rejects this offer and attempts another burglary at night at a financier's house, only to find the financier dead. Ramanathan takes their photo with the dead body and knife and blackmails them into working with him.

The guy comes to Ooty and is appointed as caretaker and manager of the house of Priya. They make multiple attempts to kill Priya but all end on failure yet comic. On one such attempt, Priya saves Raja with her saree on a cliff and reveals that she is in love with him. Raja naturally falls in love with Priya and learns from watchman that Ramanathan killed Priya's parents. So he starts his game against his own boss. Things go on successfully to raja until Priya's grandfather comes to know that Raja And Ranjith were small-time thieves and murder convicts. But the guys make the police to shoot grandfather in the neck, rendering him speechless. They also decide to remove Ramanathan once and for all. But Ramanathan poisons Priya's birthday cake and reveals to the mute grandfather that he was beyond all of this and Raja is innocent.

On the birthday, Priya's Grandfather eat the cake himself to save Priya, but Raja is framed by Ramanathan and he is sent out. Raja returns immediately and kidnaps Priya and a fight ensues after a big chase. Raja is shot and Ramanathan reveals his plans to Priya. And when he is about to kill her the injured Raja returns and saves Priya. Ramanathan is given an ultimatum that if he returns to Ooty city, he will be killed and is let to the forest. Raja and Priya go on to live a weeded life with Ranjith as their new house manager.



Tata Birla
Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack

The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Vidyasagar. The soundtrack, released in 1996, features five tracks with lyrics written by Vaali.[3][4]

Track Song Singer(s) Duration
1 'Ari Babre Tamilachiya' Vidyasagar 4:44
2 'London Paris Racedu' S P Balasubrahmanyam, Vidyasagar 4:32
3 'Priya Unn Tholai' S P Balasubrahmanyam, Sujatha 4:24
4 'Bava Bava Ushtava' Mano, Swarnalatha 3:52
5 'Vedhalam Murungai' Mano, Swarnalatha 3:58

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