Tartu prison

Tartu prison (Estonian: Tartu vangla) is a prison located in the Ropka industrial district suburb of Tartu in Estonia. The prison was designed by architect Kalle Glad, EstKONSULT and constructed by Skanska EMV. The prison was founded in 2000 with the first immates arriving on 16 October 2002. The prison's total cost was €423 million, of which €365.8 million was construction costs. The total area is 93,763 m2.

Tartu Vangla
Prison of Tartu 2007 3.JPG
LocationTuru 56, 51014 Tartu, Estonia
Coordinates58°20′39″N 26°44′47″E / 58.3443°N 26.7463°E / 58.3443; 26.7463Coordinates: 58°20′39″N 26°44′47″E / 58.3443°N 26.7463°E / 58.3443; 26.7463
Opened16 October 2002
Managed byEstonian Department of Prisons
Notable prisoners
Milan Lukić
Dragomir Milošević
Milan Martić
Aleksandr Rubel

Construction began after Parliament approved a €13,500,000 loan from Nordic Investment Bank.[1]

In 2007, a drug-free center was opened in the prison. That same year the prison received an award from the World Health Organisation for its HIV-themed project.

The prison holds several war criminals including Dragomir Milošević, Milan Martić and Milan Lukić.[2][3]

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