Tarnów Voivodeship

Tarnów Voivodeship (Polish: województwo tarnowskie) was a unit of administrative division and local government in Poland in years 1975–1998, superseded by a much larger Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Its capital city was Tarnów. Located in southeastern part of the country, its area was 4,151 km2. (which was 1.3% of the total area of Poland). In 1975 the population was 577,900, in 1998 it grew to 700,800.[1][2]

Tarnów Voivodeship
Historical division
Tarnow Voivodship 1975.png
Tarnów Voivodeship, 1975-1998

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Coordinates: 50°00′45″N 20°59′19″E / 50.0125°N 20.988611°E / 50.0125; 20.988611