Target: Harry

Target: Harry (also known as How to Make It and the original title What's in it for Harry?[2]) is a 1969 thriller film directed by Roger Corman.[3]

Target: Harry
Directed byHenry Neill
Written byBob Barbash
Produced byGene Corman
StarringVic Morrow
Suzanne Pleshette
Victor Buono
Cesar Romero
Stanley Holloway
Charlotte Rampling
Michael Ansara
Edited byMonte Hellman
Music byLes Baxter
The Corman Company
Distributed byABC Pictures International
Release dates
  • January 1969 (1969-01)

January 1979 (UK)
Running time
85 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office46,446 admissions (France)[1]

The film was originally meant as a television pilot for the American Broadcasting Company.[4] Rather than show it as a made-for-television film, the film was released theatrically as How to Make It. The film was shot in Monaco and Turkey in 1967 with Monte Hellman editing the film in 1968.[5]

Roger Corman took his name off the film and credited himself as "Henry Neill".


A person is assassinated at a racing event. Harry Black is let out of prison by Lt Duval.



In August 1967 it was announced that Gene Corman would produce What's In It for Harry? on the French Riviera, a "comedy-drama" for ABC from a script by Bob Barbush and directed by Roger Corman.[6] A few weeks later it was announced Vic Morrow would play the star role, and that it would be ABC's initial foray into theatrical motion pictures. Locations would be in Monte Carlo, Greece and Istanbul.[7] Roger Corman later said it was made for TV and called it "a movie of the week before there was such a thing."[8]

Filming began mid September 1967.[9]

Alain Corneau worked as an assistant director.[10]


Gene Corman reportedly added some nude scenes to help sell the movie under the title of How to Make It. The film was released in England in 1980 as "Target Harry".[11]

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