Tao (surname)

Tao is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname (Táo). It listed 31st in the Song-era Hundred Family Surnames poem.

Tào is also a Vietnamese surname derived from the Chinese surname Cao (Chữ Nôm: ).


Various Chinese Tao family from;


Tao was romanized T'ao under the Wade-Giles system, although it was common to omit the apostrophe. It is romanized To, Tou and Tow in Cantonese; in Minnan; Tau, Tow in Teochew; and Tháu in Gan.

The Vietnamese surname formerly written as in Chữ Nôm is now written Đào; the Korean surname formerly written as in Hanja is now written and romanized Do; the same surname in Kanji is romanized in Japanese.


Tao was the 82nd-most-common surname in mainland China, but it was unlisted among the 100 most common Taiwanese surnames.

Tao is a fairly uncommon surname in the United States, being ranked 12,503rd during the 1990 census and 10,033rd during the year 2000 one.[1]


Some Zhejiangese Tao who joined the White Banner[which?] upon the advent of the Qing dynasty Manchufied their name to Tohoro (Chinese: Tuohuoluo).[2] Notable descendants along this line include Duanfang.

People with the surnameEdit


People with the Japanese surnameEdit

  • Katsushi Tao (田尾 克史, born 1963), Japanese ski jumper
  • Yasushi Tao (田尾 安志, born 1954), Japanese baseball player


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