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Tanushree Dutta (pronounced [t̪ənʊʃri]) is an Indian model and actress who primarily appears in Bollywood movies. Dutta is the recipient of Femina Miss India Universe title in 2004. During the same year at the Miss Universe beauty pageant, she was among the top ten finalists.[2][3][4]

Tanushree Dutta
Tanushree Dutta at Femina Miss India Finalists (24).jpg
Dutta in 2012
Born (1984-03-19) 19 March 1984 (age 34)[citation needed]
Jamshedpur, Bihar
(now in Jharkhand), India[1]
TitleFemina Miss India Universe 2004
Beauty pageant titleholder
Femina Miss India Universe 2004
Miss Universe 2004
(Top 10)

In September, 2018, after having been out of the Bollywood spotlight for many years, Dutta gave an interview to Zoom TV in which she accused Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of the 2009 film Horn 'Ok' Pleassss.[5][6] This declaration would be seen as the catalyst of the "Me Too" movement in India,[7] similar to one which happened in the U.S. a year earlier with Harvey Weinstein, in which more and more women in the entertainment industry would publicly announce high-profile individuals who had sexually exploited them.[8]


Personal lifeEdit

As of September 2018, Tanushree is a resident as well as a green card holder of the US.[9]

In an interview in 2013, she said that she hit depression after being traumatized on the sets of "Horn OK" in 2008. This made her take a break and try recuperation using eastern spirituality. Initially, she stayed at an ashram for one and a half years but that did not help. Then, she went to Ladakh where she learn some Buddhist meditation related breathing techniques. These techniques eventually brought her out of depression. She was also advised Vipassana meditation. Tanushree credits this lesser known Buddhist monastery in Ladakh for bringing her life back to normal. She said that she also learnt some lessons from this experience and added "there is no enlightenment, nirvana, moksha in the ashrams... it’s all bullshit! Husbands abandoning wives, children leaving parents… this is not spirituality. You can seek spirituality by being with your family and doing your job...Someone who says he’s a guru – is he really enlightened? He hobnobs with politicians and celebrities instead. Despite a hundred self-proclaimed gurus, why do we have the maximum rapes and brutality here[India]". Finally, she converted to Christianity.[10]

Dutta has dated Aditya Datt.[10] Ishita Dutta is her younger sister.[11] Tanushree had a Tiff with production team of 2008 movie Horn ok Please in which she was signed to perform an item number .She had some Tiff with the production team regarding some dance steps in which actor Nana Patekar had some steps which was not to her liking and according to her not part of the dance sequence Whereas the dance director version is it was always a part of the item number Dutta refused to do the dance steps in which she felt she was uncomfortable when dance master G Acharya refused to change the steps with Nana Dutta in a fit of rage stormed out of the sets and she locked herself in vanity van from 2 PM to 6.30 PM The media persons got to know about something happening on Horn Ok Please sets assembled there They were asking outside the closed door of vanity Van where Ms Dutta had locked herself up to get her story .Meanwhile Rakhi Sawant was called on the sets by Acharya that she is required in sets to perform the item number that Ms Dutta was to perform After the commotion started Ms Dutta called her father on her mobile Mr Dutta reached there on his Honda City car .He had an altercation with the media persons who had assembled near Ms Duttas Van .In this commotion he banged the TV Camera of a Sahara Media Cameraman Pawan Bhardwaj .Pawan Bhardwaj was infuriated by this act of Mr Dutta And he started zbangibg the Windshield Rod on top off the car and started to take out the air.Dutta meanwhile drove his car But the car was stopped by the gateman and there the whole media persons crowd assembled before the car This whole episode was caught on camera and repeatedly played on Mumbai Tak & Mobile Tak channel Mr Pawan Bhardwaj in a TV channel interview corroborated all these facts . Mr Dutta Ms Dutta immediately drive on to Goregaon Police Station and lodged an FIR against some media persons damaging his car In this FIR he did not mention Nana Patekar or Ganesh Acharya or MNS .Another FIR was lodged by cameraman in the Same PS Later there was a complaint filed by Ms Dutta in CINTA regarding compensation etc But in that complaint there was nothing about any in-decent behavior by Nana Patekar


In 2003, Dutta won the Femina Miss India pageant held in Mumbai; as a result, she represented India at the Miss Universe 2004 Pageant which took place in Quito, Ecuador, where she was placed as the eight runner-up.[12][13][12][13]

She made her Bollywood début in 2005, appearing in Chocolate and Aashiq Banaya Aapne.


On 26 September 2018, after having been out of the Bollywood spotlight for many years, Dutta gave an interview to Zoom TV in which she accused Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of the 2009 film Horn 'Ok' Pleassss.[5][6] This declaration would be seen as the catalyst of the "Me Too" movement in India, similar to one which happened in the U.S. a year earlier with Harvey Weinstein, in which more and more women in the entertainment industry would publicly announce high-profile individuals who had sexually exploited them. Dutta had first made the allegations against Patekar in 2008, filing a complaint with the Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA) but no action was taken as the case was considered a criminal case. The allegation was repeated in 2013 in an interview,[10] and again largely ignored. It was not until her September 2018 statements that the CINTAA apologized to Dutta, admitting that the "chief grievance of sexual harassment wasn't even addressed[in 2008]" but added that since the case was more than three years old, they could not reopen it.[14][15]

Janice Sequeira, a journalist, backed her allegations, claiming to be an eyewitness of the incident.[16] She also alleged that filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri had told her to remove her clothes and dance with Irrfan Khan to act on the sets of Chocolate (2005). She said Khan and Sunil Shetty stood up for her during this episode.[17][18] Agnihotri refuted all allegations and shared that it is an attempt to get publicity by Dutta and to malign his image in a legal notice sent to her.[19] The assistant director of Chocolate, Sattyajit Gazmer, also dismissed Dutta's claims.[20]

In another interview, Dutta said, "He [Patekar] called the MNS party to bash up my car. He was behind everything and was supported by choreographer Ganesh Acharya."[21] In a video from 2008 that went viral on the internet, goons were seen thrashing Dutta's car. A journalist named Pawan Bharadwaj was seen thrashing the car's windshield with his camera, who later clarified that he attacked her car because he had a fight with Dutta's team prior to the incident.[22]

A defamation case was filed against Dutta for her comments about the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.[23] She was also served with two legal notices from Patekar and Agnihotri.[23] Subsequently, on 6 October, Dutta filed an FIR at Oshiwara police station against Patekar; director of Horn 'Ok' Pleassss, Rakesh Sarang; choreographer Acharya and producer Sami Siddiqui.[24]


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