Tanta University

Tanta University is an Egyptian university in the city of Tanta, Al Gharbiyah governorate, Egypt. The university is under the direct scientific supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Tanta University
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TypePublic university
Established1972; 51 years ago (1972)
PresidentMagdi Abdel Raouf AL-Gohari Sab'
Location, ,
Coordinates: 30°47′32″N 30°59′57″E / 30.79222°N 30.99917°E / 30.79222; 30.99917

It was founded first in 1962 as a branch from the University of Alexandria with the faculty of Medicine only and then it became an independent university named University of the Middle Delta in 1972. It had at that time Medicine, Science, Agriculture and Education faculties. Then, its name was changed into Tanta University in 1973.


The University's branch in Kafr ash ShaykhEdit

The university's branch in Kafr ash Shaykh was constituted in 1983. It has Education, Agriculture, Specific Education, Veterinary Medicine, Commerce, Engineering and Arts faculties.

In 2006, Kafr ash Shaykh branch separated from the Tanta university to become an independent university under the name of Kafr ash Shaykh University in Kafr ash Shaykh city and it now has Education, Agriculture, Specific Education, Veterinary Medicine, Commerce, Engineering, Physical Education and Arts faculties.

Number of studentsEdit

The number of students in Tanta University
Faculty Total students Females percentage
Faculty of Pharmacy 3844 51%
Faculty of Dentistry 749 51%
High Institute of Nursing 1398 100%
Faculty of Education 3254 38%
Faculty of Agriculture in Tanta 297 37%
Faculty of Education in Tanta 13528 72%
Faculty of Commerce in Tanta 17257 33%
Faculty of Specific Education in Tanta 2377 70%
Faculty of Education in Kafr ash Shaykh 1738 66%
Faculty of Medicine 3644 44%
Faculty of Science 9186 87%
Faculty of Arts 14608 46%
Faculty of Agriculture in Kafr ash Shaykh 1015 31%
Faculty of Education in Kafr ash Shaykh 8482 61%
Faculty of Engineering in Kafr ash Shaykh 1359 20%
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Kafr ash Shaykh 1076 35%
Faculty of Commerce in Kafr ash Shaykh 5210 32%
Faculty of Arts in Kafr ash Shaykh 5177 49%
Faculty of Law in Kafr ash Shaykh 12644 31%
Faculty of Engineering in Tanta 3333 28%
total  110,176  49.7%

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