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Tanjang Maya is a mukim in the Tutong District of Brunei. It is located in the central north of the Tutong District bordering the mukims of Pekan Tutong to the north, Kiudang to the east, Lamunin to the south-east, Ukong to the south-west and Telisai to the west.

Tanjong Maya
Mukim Tanjong Maya
 • PenghuluAbdul Wahab Apong


Tanjong Maya is a mukim, the second-level administrative division of Brunei. It is one of the primary subdistricts of Tutong District. The community of Tanjong Maya is headed by a penghulu and the incumbent is Abdul Wahab bin Apong; he is also a member of the Legislative Council of Brunei.[1][2] Tanjong Maya is subdivided into villages, which are the third- and lowest-level subdivisions; the area of Tanjong Maya is officially divided into eleven villages and they include:[3]

They are also designated as postcode areas, thus each has its own postcode.[4] However, there are only four recognised village communities in Tanjong Maya, which constitute the villages of Bukit Udal, Lubok Pulau, Penapar and Tanjong Maya.[5] Each community is headed by a village head (ketua kampung).[6][2] Residents in the areas without any recognised community are administered as part of the communities that have village heads.

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Coordinates: 4°46′N 114°40′E / 4.767°N 114.667°E / 4.767; 114.667