Tanja Liedtke Foundation

The Tanja Liedtke Foundation (German: Tanja Liedtke Stiftung) is a German-based charity supporting modern and contemporary dance.[1] It was established in July 2008 in honour of the dancer and choreographer, Tanja Liedtke who was killed the year before in a car accident in Sydney, Australia.[2][3][4] The Foundation’s purpose is "to support the enrichment and advancement of contemporary dance theatre, and the development of Australian/European artistic connections."[5]

The Tanja Liedtke Foundation is registered as a tax-privileged organization in Stuttgart, Germany as Tanja Liedtke Stiftung accordance with German law.[5]

Additionally, the Tanja Liedtke Gift Fund has been established in Australia as a sub-fund of the Perpetual Foundation Gift Fund. The Tanja Liedtke Gift Fund reflects the vision, aims and priorities of the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.[6]


The inaugural Tanja Liedtke Fellowship was offered, in partnership with Radialsystem V – New Space for the Arts (Berlin), and the contemporary dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests (Berlin), to an Australian dancer/choreographer between the ages of 20 and 35 years.

It was awarded to Anthony Hamilton of Melbourne.[7] He conducted his residency in Berlin where his project "Black Series 1" was received with great enthusiasm.

The 2011 Tanja Liedtke Fellowship was awarded to Katarzyna Sitarz,[8] a Polish dancer/choreographer with a broad international experience in Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Germany.[9] She will direct her creative residency at Arts House Melbourne in March 2011 and participate in the development of a new collaboration by Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin.[citation needed]


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