Tangocrisis, previously known as 020 (or zero2zero) is an Argentine rock / pop / fusion band from Buenos Aires, and one of very few to introduce tango elements in a rock context. The project was first conceived as 020 in early 1999 by producer and composer Max Masri. Max asked Diego S. Velázquez to join the project, they eventually rose to notoriety with their electrotango group Tanghetto, the latter formed in 2002.

OriginBuenos Aires, Argentina
Genresalternative rock, art rock, Tango music, electronic music, jazz rock, soul music
Years active1999–2004 / 2010-present
LabelsConstitution Music [1]
Associated actsTanghetto
MembersMax Masri
Diego S. Velázquez
Aldo Di Paolo
Matías Leanza Montes
Fernando Santodomingo

020 released a full studio album in 2002 named End of Illusions. According to several interviews gave by Max and Diego, the band is being reformed with the name Tangocrisis after a 7-year long hiatus, primarily due to Tanghetto's touring and recording obligations. Tangocrisis is currently working on a second studio album, which is expected to be released sometime.

End of IllusionsEdit

In 2001 Masri and Velázquez recruited several musicians to produce the band's debut album and to start performing live. The result of 11 months of recording sessions was the concept album End of Illusions, released in December 2002. The underlying concept of the release was the Argentine crisis of 2001-2002.

In spite of early commercial success, the band disbanded due primarily to lack of support from the very members of the group, who became heavily involved with (then) side project Tanghetto, the album drew the attention of many journalists and music critics of Argentina and other South American countries for its blend of art rock and tango nuevo and its lyrical content focused in social commentary and criticism of negatively perceived mass behaviours and group thinking.

In different interviews 020 / Tangocrisis acknowledged several influences within and outside the music industry in their lyrical content, such as Pink Floyd, The Clash, Bob Marley, Erich Fromm, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell.

020 is known for having played live just on few occasions, during 2003 and 2004.

Reforming in 2010 as TangocrisisEdit

In several interviews given by Max Masri in 2010 and 2011 he mentioned the fact that 020 was to reform. The name chosen for the reunion is Tangocrisis (after Tanghetto's song, the latter named after the 2001 crisis). However, the titles of new songs and a certain date for release of new material are still undisclosed. According to Max Masri, the new album will be "even more rock-oriented and song-oriented than End of Illusions, still keeping the tango features that made up the personality and, somehow, uniqueness of the band". The new album would be released someday.