Tangkic languages

The Tangkic languages form a small language family of Australian Aboriginal languages spoken in northern Australia.

southeastern coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria, Wellesley Islands
Linguistic classificationMacro-Pama–Nyungan
  • Greater Pama–Nyungan
    • Tangkic
Macro-Pama-Nyungan languages.png
Garawa and Tangkic (green). Tangkic lies along the coast.

The Tangkic languages are Lardil (Leerdil) and its special register Damin, Kayardild, and Yukulta (also known as Ganggalida or Nyangga). Of these Lardil is quite divergent, while Yukulta and Kayardild are mutually intelligible.

The extinct and poorly attested Minkin language may have been part of the Tangkic family.[2]


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