Tangipahoa River

The Tangipahoa River (/tænɪpəˈh.ə/ tan-ji-pə-HOH) originates northwest of McComb in southwest Mississippi, and runs south 122 miles (196 km)[1] through Lake Tangipahoa in Percy Quin State Park before passing into southeast Louisiana. There it flows entirely in the eponymous Tangipahoa Parish until its mouth opens into the northwest region of Lake Pontchartrain.[2]

Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana Map 1935 Ponchatoula Pass Manchac.jpg
CountryUnited States
StateMississippi, Louisiana
County/ParishPike County
Amite County
Lincoln County
Tangipahoa Parish
CitiesOsyka, Mississippi
Kentwood, Louisiana
Amite, Louisiana,
Hammond, Louisiana
Robert, Louisiana
Ponchatoula, Louisiana
Physical characteristics
SourceLittle Tangipahoa River
 • locationOsyka, Pike County, Mississippi
 • coordinates31°06′29″N 90°28′32″W / 31.10806°N 90.47556°W / 31.10806; -90.47556
 • elevation269 ft (82 m)
MouthLake Pontchartrain
 • location
Southeast Ponchatoula, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana
 • coordinates
30°20′12″N 90°16′26″W / 30.33667°N 90.27389°W / 30.33667; -90.27389Coordinates: 30°20′12″N 90°16′26″W / 30.33667°N 90.27389°W / 30.33667; -90.27389
 • elevation
−3 ft (−0.91 m)
Length122 mi (196 km)

The Tangipahoa River was named after the Tangipahoa Indians.[3]

According to the Geographic Names Information System, the Tangipahoa River has also been known as:[4]

  • Rio Tanchipaho
  • Taensapaoa River
  • Tanchipaho River
  • Tanchipao River
  • Tandgepao River
  • Tandgi-pao River
  • Tangipaho River
  • Tansypaho River
  • Tanzipao River
  • Taugipahoa River
  • Tuckepaw River
  • Big Tangipahoa River

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