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Tan Sum (Thai: ตาลสุม, pronounced [tāːn sǔm]) is a district (amphoe) in the central part of Ubon Ratchathani Province, northeastern Thailand.

Tan Sum
District location in Ubon Ratchathani Province
District location in Ubon Ratchathani Province
Coordinates: 15°18′56″N 105°9′18″E / 15.31556°N 105.15500°E / 15.31556; 105.15500Coordinates: 15°18′56″N 105°9′18″E / 15.31556°N 105.15500°E / 15.31556; 105.15500
Country Thailand
Province Ubon Ratchathani
Seat Tan Sum
 • Total 502.2 km2 (193.9 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Total 31,164
 • Density 62.1/km2 (161/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Postal code 34330
Geocode 3420



The minor district (king amphoe) Tan Sum was created on 18 September 1978, when the three tambons Tan Sum, Samrong, and Chik Thoeng were split off from Phibun Mangsahan District.[1] It was upgraded to a full district on 1 January 1988.[2]


The old name of the area was Tan Chum (ตาลชุม), which means fertile land with plenty by Toddy palm trees (Borassus flabellifer). Later the name was changed to Tan Sum.


Neighboring districts are (from the east clockwise) Si Mueang Mai, Phibun Mangsahan, Sawang Wirawong, Don Mot Daeng, and Trakan Phuet Phon of Ubon Ratchathani Province.

The important water resource are the Mun and Se Bok Rivers.


The district is divided into six sub-districts (tambons), which are further subdivided into 59 villages (mubans). Tan Sum is a township (thesaban tambon) which covers parts of tambon Tan Sum. There are a further six tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Villages Pop.
1. Tan Sum ตาลสุม 15 8,508
2. Samrong สำโรง 8 3,778
3. Chik Thoeng จิกเทิง 9 5,175
4. Nong Kung หนองกุง 8 3,974
5. Na Khai นาคาย 13 6,045
6. Kham Wa คำหว้า 6 3,684


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