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Tampico Madero Fútbol Club is a football (soccer) club that currently plays in the Ascenso MX. The club is one of the oldest in the league; the club was founded on July 8, 1945 under the name Club Deportivo Tampico, was very successful in its beginnings, winning its first and only Mexican Primera División title in 1952–53 tournament as well as two Copa México titles in 1960 and 1961. The club spent most of the 1970s in the Segunda División de México after being relegated in the early 1960s. In 1977 the club bought out the Atlético Potosino franchise to move it to Tampico in order for the club to have once again first division action. The club played out the 1980s in the first division but was once again relegated in the early 1990s and has never again reached the top division.

Tampico Madero
Tampico Madero F.C. logo.svg
Full nameTampico Madero Fútbol Club
Nickname(s)La Jaiba Brava (The Brave Crab)
Los Jaibos (The Blue Crabs)
Founded8 July 1945; 75 years ago (1945-07-08)
GroundEstadio Tamaulipas
Tampico & Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico
OwnerGrupo Orlegi
ChairmanCarlos Gutiérrez Riera
ManagerGerardo Espinoza
LeagueLiga de Expansión MX
Guardianes 202114th


The club was founded on July 8, 1945 under the name Club Deportivo Tampico soon after the club played a promotion match that would determine if the clubs acceptance in the Mexican Primera División against León match that ended in a 3–2 victory for the club. The first squad was made up by Goalkeeper, Eduardo Delgado, Humberto Escamilla, Florencio Carranza, Ernesto Olivares, Víctor Cardín, Teódulo Azuara, Fidel Menéndez, Carlos Pego and the Argentinians Juan José Sosa, Teodolindo Mourin nickname Pibe and Ernesto Candia, with José Castro el viejo noy, been the first manager in the club's history The first board of directors was made out by President Carlos González Avin and vice-president Alejandro Luna

It was on August 8, 1945 when the club officially join the Mexican Primera División building that same year the Parque España stands now. The club's first official game was played in the 1945–46 tournament against Atlante were the club suffered its first loss with an outrageous score of 10–3. The club won its first game on September 30 the same year against Atlas 3–2 first goals scored by Ernesto Olivares.The club finished that year 11th out 16. The club played mediocre tournaments the following years finishing last in the 1948–49 tournament and 9th in the 1949–50 tournament.


The club started off the 1950s in the same way they had been playing in the 1940s gaining a 9th, 6th place from 1950–52 tournaments. It was until the 1952–53 tournament when the team came together and finished 1st obtains for its first league title. It was won with 14 victories, 6 draws and only 2 losses for a total of 34, a then league record. The club would go on to win the title Campeón de Campeones after defeating Puebla who had won that year's Copa México with a score of 3–0. Roster from the 1952–53 championship club were.


  •   Elpidio Padilla
  •   Benito Ayan
  •   Raúl "Tarzan" Landeros
  •   Salvador "Médico" Ayala
  •   Jorge Danilo López
  •   Carlos Septién
  •   Pipo Téllez
  •   Roberto "Chango" Zárate
  •   Rafael Estrada


The club's last notable achievement from 1954–57 when they finished 4th in 1954, 7th in 1955, 6th in 1956, 10th in 1957. In 1958, they finished last and were relegated to Segundo División. They played 1 year and were returned to Mexican Primera División.

1960s & 1970sEdit

The club started out the 1960s with 3 bad consecutive league tournaments but manage to win its only Copa México title in 1961 against Toluca. Nonetheless the club would eventually once again been relegate in 1962–63 tournament. The club played in the second division in the 1960s coming up short in the 1964–65.

tournament after finishing tied for first place with Jabatos de nuevol leon having played a decisive match that the club would go on to loss match played in León Guanajuato. The city of Tampico did not wait along for club to be promoted and so founded Petroleros de Ciudad Madero who would represent the city of Tampico in the first division in the 1960s and early 1970s till the club folded in 1975 after the club's relegation.

The club would go on to play most of the 1970s in the second division till 1977 when the club bought out the San Luis club. The club that played in the second division was sold to Universidad de Guadalajara and became Bachilleres a reserve squad. The club had a good tournament in its first year back reaching the semi finalist again Pumas which they would go on to loss that year. The following year the club finished 14th overall and did not reach the play-off spots. In the 1979–80 tournament the club finished 7th and managed to qualified to the play-off group stage where they lost once again and so came the end of the 1970s..


In the 1980–81 tournament the club finished 15th in the league and failed to qualify to the play-off round after having a good tournament the year before. The following year in the 1981–82 tournament the club had a terrible year and so was relegated for the third time after the club played a promotion 3 game play-off relegation series against Atlas the first game went to Atlas, the scoundrel game was one by Tampico and a third game in neutral ground was won by Atlas.

Soon after the club's relegation the city decided to buy out yet another franchise this time buying struggling club in order for the club to remain in the top division. This club was made up from players from the Atletas Campesinos and some from the Club that had been relegated. That year the club struggled once again finishing 14 in the league. The following year the club would earn a 9th place.

In 1985 due to the 1986 FIFA World Cup held in Mexico the tournament was split into two short tournaments the Prod85 and Mexico 86. In the Prod 85 the club finished 1st in group 1 and qualifying to the play-off series. In the Quarter-finals the club defeated Cruz Azul 4–2. In Semi-finals the club defeated Puebla 5–4. In the finals the club went up against Club América, managing to beat America 4–1 in the first match but following 4–1 in the second. In the Mexico 86 the club would once again reach the finals this time after defeating Atletico Morelia in Quarter-finals, Club América in Semi-finals. The club would go up against Monterrey in the finals winning the first match 2–1 but once again losing the second match 2–0 and once again finishing runner up. The club would qualify to the play-off again in the 1988–89 tournament. This time a short tournament play-off round was played with clubs Cruz Azul, Pumas de la UNAM and Atlante, the club would finish 1 point behind Cruz Azul who would go on to final against Club América. The following year the club finished 19th overall and worst was to come when the club was bought out by Atletas Campesinos and moved to Querétaro and so came an end to the 1980s.

Year by year statisticsEdit

Primera División de México 1945-63Edit

These are the statistics from 1945–63[1] except for the 1958–59 tournament which the club played in the Segunda División de México.

1945–46 13 30 9 3 18 61 97 21
1946–47 6 28 12 8 8 51 42 32
1947–48 7 28 11 5 12 62 64 27
1948–49 13 28 7 8 13 34 45 22
1949–50 10 26 8 8 10 43 47 24
1950–51 9 22 1 12 10 34 38 19
1951–52 6 22 9 5 8 43 37 23
1952–53 1 22 14 6 2 45 28 34
1953–54 4 22 9 5 8 49 45 23
1954–55 6 22 8 7 7 28 35 23
1955–56 4 26 12 7 7 39 32 31
1956–57 10 22 7 6 11 27 46 20
1957–58 12 22 5 7 14 22 39 17
1959–60 7 26 8 9 9 52 55 25
1960–61 6 26 10 6 10 44 43 26
1961–62 8 26 7 9 10 37 41 23
1962–63 14 26 5 7 14 39 50 17

After the 1962–63 season, Tampico was relegated for the second time and would not return to the first division till the late 1970s.

Year Position Games played Won Tied Lost Goals Scored Goals Against Points Postseason place
1977–78 G1.2 38 11 12 14 53 55 35 Semi-finals
1978–79 G2.3 38 11 13 14 59 65 65 Didn't qualify
1979–80 G2.2 38 15 11 12 61 54 33 Quarter-finals
1980–81 G4.4 38 11 12 15 57 60 34 Didn't qualify
1981–82 G3.5 38 8 20 45 45 72 26 Relegated
1982–83 G2.5 38 12 9 17 49 61 33 Didn't qualify
1983–84 G3.3 38 16 9 13 64 61 41 Didn't qualify
1984–85 G2.3 38 17 8 13 65 58 42 Didn't qualify
Prode 85 G1.1 8 5 0 3 21 12 10 Finals
Mexico 86 G2.2 18 11 2 5 45 25 24 Finals
1986–87 G2.3 40 16 9 15 60 59 41 Didn't qualify
1987–88 G1.4 38 7 18 13 50 62 38 Didn't qualify
1988–89 G3.1 38 20 7 11 87 56 53 Quarter-finals
1989–90 G3.5 38 9 11 18 29 48 29 Didn't qualify

After this season Querétaro bought the Tampico - Madero franchise. Also after this season the team with the worst point percentage in the last three seasons will be relegated.

Past kitsEdit

First kit evolution
1945 Home
1960 Home
1978 Home
1985 Away
1986 Home
1989 Home
Clausura 2015 Home
Clausura 2015 Away

Past kits part 2Edit

First kit evolution
Apertura 2015 Home
Apertura 2015 Away
2016–17 Home
2016–17 Away
2017–18 Home
2017–18 Away


Tampico Madero FC play their home matches at the Estadio Tamaulipas in Tampico & Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas. The stadium capacity is 19,369 people. Its owned by STPRM, and its surface is covered by natural grass. The stadium was opened in 1966.


Coaching staffEdit

Position Staff
Manager   Gerardo Espinoza
Assistant managers   Juan Manuel García
  Jaime Durán
  Mario Menéndez Conde
Goalkeeper coach   Mario Rodríguez
Fitness coaches   Julio Morales
  Guillermo Hernández
Physiotherapist   Omar Vidal
Team doctor   Eduardo Carrillo


Current squadEdit

As of 12 January 2021[2]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK   MEX Joel García (on loan from Santos Laguna)
2 DF   MEX César Bernal
3 DF   MEX Óscar Manzanarez
4 DF   MEX Luis Flores (on loan from Atlas)
5 MF   MEX Germán Eguade (on loan from Santos Laguna)
6 MF   MEX Aldo López (on loan from Atlas)
7 MF   MEX Daniel Lajud (on loan from Monterrey)
8 DF   MEX Marco Ruíz (on loan from Atlas)
9 MF   MEX Nahum Gómez
10 FW   MEX Giovani Hernández
11 FW   MEX Antonio López
12 MF   MEX Diego Medina (on loan from Santos Laguna)
13 DF   MEX Carlos Robles (on loan from Atlas)
14 MF   MEX Joel Pérez (on loan from Atlas)
No. Pos. Nation Player
15 DF   MEX Gabriel Vera
16 DF   MEX José Hernández (on loan from Santos Laguna)
17 DF   MEX Rivaldo Lozano (on loan from Atlas)
19 DF   MEX Edson García (on loan from Atlas)
20 MF   MEX José Equihua (on loan from Atlas)
22 MF   MEX Edson Martínez (on loan from Santos Laguna)
23 MF   MEX Jared Simental (on loan from Santos Laguna)
24 MF   MEX Abraham Bass
25 GK   MEX Estuardo Azahar (on loan from Atlas)
26 MF   USA Manuel López (on loan from Santos Laguna)
30 DF   MEX Santiago Ramos (on loan from Santos Laguna)
31 FW   MEX Fabián Salas
33 GK   MEX Kefrén Avilés (on loan from Atlas)


Runner-up (2): Prode 85, Mexico 86
Runner-up (2): 1959–60, 1961–62
1958–59, 1993–94
Champion (1): 2016
Runner-up (1): 2010
Guardianes 2020

Notable former playersEdit

Notable former managersEdit


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