Tampere Hall

The Tampere Hall (Finnish: Tampere-talo; Swedish: Tammerforshuset) is the largest concert and congress centre in the Nordic countries,[1][2] located in the southern edge of Sorsapuisto, in the centre of Tampere, Finland. It was inaugurated on September 29, 1990.[3] Opposite of the Tampere Hall is the main building of the University of Tampere, and the Tampere railway station is only half a kilometre away. The main auditorium has capacity of 1,756 seats.

The Tampere Hall.

Due to its central location, Tampere Hall hosts many small fairs, including the first ever Finncon in Tampere. The event with the largest number of visitors to Tampere Hall is Tracon, the annual role-playing and anime cosplay event.[4] The Tampere Opera and the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra are also based there.[5]

The Managing Director of the Tampere Hall is Paulina Ahokas. Previous Managing Directors have included Carl Öhman, Kaarina Suonio, and Kalervo Kummola.

As of the year 2012, the Tampere Hall has been nominated seven times as the best congress venue in Finland.[citation needed]


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