Tambora, Jakarta

Tambora is a subdistrict of West Jakarta, Indonesia. Tambora Subdistrict is bounded by a railway to the west and to the north, Kali Krukut - Kali Besar canal to the east, and Duri Selatan Road to the south.

The district. Click for broader map and to enable varied magnification.
An early 20th century picture showing the area of Jakarta Old Town that is located in Tambora Subdistrict, west of Kali Besar canal. Most of these buildings, including the former Chartered Bank on the left, still exist today.
A mosque in Pekojan, cir. 1910-1921

The Roa Malaka Administrative Village of the Tambora Subdistrict contains the southwestern area of Jakarta Old Town, the area on the west side of Kali Besar Canal. The area of Jakarta Old Town that was located within Tambora are generally residential areas. Notable colonial buildings are located along the Kali Besar Canal, most of them are former palaces or houses dating from the 18th century. These buildings are now mostly used as offices.[1]

Kelurahan (Administrative Villages)Edit

The subdistrict of Tambora is divided into eleven kelurahan or administrative villages:

  • Tanah Sareal - area code 11210
  • Tambora - area code 11220
  • Roa Malaka - area code 11230
  • Pekojan - area code 11240
  • Jembatan Lima - area code 11250
  • Krendang - area code 11260
  • Duri Utara - area code 11270
  • Duri Selatan - area code 11270
  • Kali Anyar - area code 11310
  • Jembatan Besi - area code 11320
  • Angke - area code 11330

List of important placesEdit

Toko Merah
Angke Mosque, a Javanese-style mosque that still exists today.


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