Tallinn Bay (Estonian: Tallinna laht) is a bay in Estonia on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. The Estonian capital city Tallinn is located on the southern coast of the bay.[1]

Parts of the Tallinn Bay
Tallinn Roadstead in 2021

Tallinn Bay itself is divided into several parts: Tallinn Roadstead (Estonian: Tallinna reid), Kopli Bay, Kakumäe Bay and Paljassaare Bay.[1] The islands Naissaar and Aegna border the bay in the north, the Viimsi Peninsula to the east.

The shore waters are shallow but deep rapidly. Tallinn Bay has a steep slope, which allows for good water exchange with the waters of the Gulf of Finland.[2] Tallinn Bay is one of the deepest bays in Estonia, max depth is about 100 m.[3]

The Old Town is situated close to the sheltered Tallinn bay, which is a natural harbour and the main passenger port.[2] The Paljassaare Harbour and the Bekker Harbor by the Kopli Bay serve for cargo traffic. There are four public beaches on the coastline: Pirita, Stroomi, Kakumäe and Pikakari.


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