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WikiProject assessmentsEdit

I have added and assessed the WikiProject Crime banner and assessed for the WikiProject Organized crime banner primarily on the basis of one of this group's musical genres being described as gangsta rap as well as the article being assigned to the Gangsta rap groups and Bloods categories. Aside from their art, there is no indication this group of people have been directly involved in any sort of crime or criminal activity. Apart from the genre of music-making and the assigned categories, there is little in the article content to indicate why this article should be of interest to these assigned WikiProjects. If you are aware of additional sources of information not included in the article that further support these WikiProject assignments, please identify those source(s) and add that additional information to the article. If you disagree with this assessment for these WikiProjects, please explain your disagreement and justify why these WikiProjects should be removed, if you do remove them. - Cameron Dewe (talk) 12:51, 15 January 2022 (UTC)