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Historians believe "Whore" was originated during the prehistoric times of the Indo-Europeans. The prehistoric Indo-European root *kā which meant to like, or to desire. From the root *kā came the stem *kāro, which helped derive the prehistoric common Germanic word hōraz that had the meaning “one who desire, or adulterer”. Now lets take a look at the feminine forum of hōraz; hōrōn. This was the main stepping-stone to the creation of the old English words “hore”, and “harlot”. The Old English definition of “hore” is a person who is considered to be sexually promiscuous, accepts payment in exchange for sexual relations, and compromises one’s principles for personal gain. A “harlot” was a biblical term used in the bible to describe people who pursued the act of prostitution. The present day spelling and definition of whore correlates directly to "hore" and "harlot". [1]


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Changing the header to make it make sense


Shouldn't it be "A whore is a derogatory term for prostitute."?

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