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Vasiliko is a hellenic village and the older tribes were not vlachs,vasiliko is not an aromanian village,the original population were not vlachs,the following village kefalovriso would be considered a village of aromanian decent,with a large albanian vlach population.Vasiliko was greek before the ottoman empire,it has ancient greek ruins as well,an acropolis at the top of the village which unforunately,the greek archealogical society claims not to have the funds for excavation for this village or any other one for that matter,it also has byzanteum churches dating back to 13th century,and rumour has it that some of the paintings done on the walls in the churches have been done by very famous artists,but because of decay and lack of interest on the governments behalf soon there won't be anything left. Regards Georgette

Athenagoras IEdit

Don't you think this focuses too much on Athenagoras I and not on the place itself? Antondimak (talk) 20:27, 8 March 2016 (UTC)