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Is this song notable?Edit

I'm not sure whether this song is really notable enough to warrant its own article, seeing as it is quite obscure. Should it be deleted, or does it still have potential? I know for a fact that wikipedia's policy on music discourages articles on individual songs unless they have proven to be relatively influential, successful (among in-crowds or the broader public) and/or critically acclaimed. Does this particular song qualify for any of these?

What about the original lyrics?Edit

This song was performed by Frankie Laine as title song to the homonymous classic western movie. The original lyrics, as heard in that very famous film, was dark and ominous, mentioning "ghosts of outlaws riding by" and stating that "buzzards keep circling the train", so that listeners feel rather scared when the singer invites them to take that train. But when the song was released as a vinyl record, Laine re-recorded it with changed lyrics, turning it into a banal romantic song. I believe the latter is the version widely known today, recorded by several performers. While the article contains a detailed description of the second version of the lyrics, hardly anything is said about the original version -- which I, for one, consider far superior and worth at least some comment. (talk) 20:46, 2 April 2016 (UTC)

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