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The claims here read rather like a press release from OFTA.

For example,

Hong Kong has one of the most mature, sophisticated and competitive telecommunications markets in the world. As a result, Hong Kong residents get world class services in terms of capacity, speed and price

There are no references for this claim.

For the sake of argument I can think of good reason to claim that the market is immature and unsophisticated. For example all international internet access to Hong Kong was cut off for a week in early 2007. 14:16, 5 January 2007 (UTC)

Agreed, changes needed...Edit

I think the problem with the entry as it currently stands is the use of subjective judgment words as implied by the previous author. While the argument that Hong Kong's market isn't mature or sophisticated because of the earthquake-caused service outage is unfair (the US also lost access to HK-based websites... I wouldn't say that makes the US networks immature or unsophisticated), it is true that this article has failed to define adequately the words "mature," "sophisticated," and "world class" in relation to the telecommunications industry.

It's better to stick with the facts (and they do imply that a very vibrant telecom industry exists in Hong Kong, as any person who has lived here can attest to...):

As of Mar. 2007:

- 95.7% fixed-line penetration to households

- 135.4% mobile phone line penetration (over 9 million subscribers on a population base of just under 7)

- 5 mobile network providers (and at least as many mobile brands selling services)

- 10 fixed-line network operators

I think these figures speak for themselves, and do indeed prove that the telecom industry in Hong Kong is quite competitive. The entry would do better if it stayed away from subjective words like mature and sophisticated, and instead just stated the fact that for a city of it's size, statistics show that Hong Kong has some of the highest telecom adoption rates in the world. However, if it helps, most major industry publications and media outlets WILL call Hong Kong's market "mature." So it's not an overtly biased judgment of Hong Kong's telecom industry.

Wjpan 11:23, 1 May 2007 (UTC)

Comparison of service providersEdit

I recommend a comparison table of the telecommunications service providers in Hong Kong, which will be most useful to readers

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