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I just tried to add a bunch of information into this page because of the disparate information out there and the lack of explanation. I don't think it was done in the best way but I don't have the time to reformulate it in a logical composition -- it's a difficult topic for me to explain in encyclopedic format.

Basically the problem is that the colloquial usage of "special session" refers specifically to the President's "extraordinary power" to convene under the US Constitution. However, this isn't the official usage of such a term. A formal session of congress (as listed ) are year long events that often get adjourned temporarily (though for weeks at a time) and the President has this extraordinary power to convene them, even if they are simply temporarily adjourned or "recessed." However, technically speaking this is not a special session but simply an extraordinary power. Except that even Congress seems to refer to them as special sessions (though they are doing so informally) adding to the confusion.

These two documents helped me realize the confusion: Hopefully someone can make all of this more coherent - it looks simple but the informal usage of terms creates a confusing mess (e.g. President Truman did not call special session of Congress, he reconvened a session of congress that was adjourned). CáliKewlKid (talk) 19:35, 26 January 2014 (UTC)