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Confusing and contradictory detailsEdit

I've marked a couple of things for clarification and one as dubious:

  • What velocities are measured? velocities and irregularities of electrical fields implies measuring the velocity of a moving field. This seems unlikely (so needs explaining if correct). It seems more likely that it's the velocity of charged particles from the solar wind or created by their collisions with air molecules.
  • Transmission frequencies. The article says each antenna transmits "on fixed frequencies in the 8–20 MHz range". It seems more likely that each antenna transmits on a single frequency from that range. But it's also possible that each antenna covers a small band of frequencies simultaneously, so 16 antennas can cover more than 16 frequencies. Either way, it needs to be clearer.
  • How many antennas? Taken together, Using a total of 16 antennas and The three stations' ranges overlap to cover most of the Antarctic continent seem to directly contradict the photo. This shows fourteen antennas and part of a fifteenth, all at one location. I think each station must have an array of 16. Musiconeologist (talk) 23:21, 11 September 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]