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The grammar problems and punctuation mistakes in this piece make it unintelligible. Whether the information is correct or useful is completely besides the point. It doesn't communicate a cohesive point.

Add cleanup/rewrite tagEdit

This page is a mess, and deserves a rewrite. It's repetitive and murky, jumping with no continuity from topic to topic, and using arcane and (to me at least) non-helpful references to various notions of Vedic thought. "In matters mundane"?? Really? That section deals with the etymology of the term, and it's impenetrable. "In psychology and philosophy" just parrots commentary on a number of source texts, and offers little info about psychology or philosophy.

I don't have time to fix everything now, and I add this tag in hopes that someone smarter, more informed, and more industrious than me will have a look in the meantime.


I disagree. The fact that you personally lack the familiarity with the subject matter and a Sanskrit term does not make it either "murky" or a "mess". You comment shows your lack of education, that is all. Why then, you would feel a need to comment on something you know nothing about, and ask for it to be dumbed down and Anglicized sufficiently for your taste, is incomprehensible. I found this to be written well enough (for Wikipedia) and understandable with no problem. I do not think it needs a rewrite. Tara

I agree Tara, and (at least the way I learned it) Sankalpa is a complicated thing for many to grasp at first. I had to meditate many times before truly understanding it. I think if could use some tightening up in the writing, and I might know someone who can do it some justice. She is a professor of religious studies and holds masters degrees in several sciences as well. Maybe with other readers might be searching for is more scientific style of writing. --rick v — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2620:123:5052:4066:0:0:D:9BCF (talk) 21:34, 9 January 2018 (UTC)

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