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Want to help? Here are some suggestions for improvements that can be made to this article:

  1. Expand article
    1. SQL doesn't have "commands". A discussion of "statements", "clauses", "predicates", "expressions", etc., might be in order.
    2. Add explanation of SQL datatypes
    3. Overview of the (vast facilities) for custom datatypes in SQL:1999
    4. Add discussion of SQL standards-defined functions and operators (aggregate functions, windowing functions, math operators, etc.)
    5. CASE expressions. Some readers of other articles are surprised to find out that these even exist in SQL.
    6. Add discussion of subquery types, e.g. correlated subquery
    7. Add discussion of CTE's and recursive subqueries (partially done)
    8. Add discussion of why no Boolean data type
    9. Add intro to tables, rows, columns, and cursors
    10. Add short introduction to NULL and SQL 3VL (thorough discussion provided at Null (SQL)
    11. Add historical discussion of "Embedded SQL"
    12. Add discussion of declarative versus procedural languages
    13. Add discussion of SQL/XML
    14. Add discussion of SQL/PSM
    15. Overview of the parts of the SQL Standard
    16. Discussion of vendor-specific and proprietary extensions (might be too detailed to discuss all the differences between the different vendors and the standards)
    17. What is a "standards-compliant" version of SQL?
  2. Source statements in article (in particular, the criticisms section, although others need it also)
  3. Locate and add images if possible and where appropriate (screen shots of queries and results?) Maybe add one more screenshot of query results?
  4. Clean up, editing
  5. Simplify language and grammar.
  6. Clean up intro

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The link to data query language redirects to Query_language that is very general and very vague about SQL. The links for DCL, DDL and DML try to be a combination of a relevant language in general and SQL specifically, but perhaps that is relevant to each of those other pages. Sam Tomato (talk) 02:03, 21 March 2019 (UTC)

Turing completenessEdit

The change in "&oldid=947475103" stated that " ... the most recent SQL standard actually *is* Turing complete, but many popular implementations are not ...". This raises the question of what we are speaking about: Reflects the article the SQL standard or the numerous implementations?--Kelti (talk) 08:34, 27 March 2020 (UTC)

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