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Reviewer: David Fuchs (talk · contribs) 23:44, 10 June 2022 (UTC)

{{inprogress}} Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs talk 23:44, 10 June 2022 (UTC)

As a heads-up my review is nearly complete but I've got family coming in this weekend so I probably won't be able to finish it until after. Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs talk 13:56, 17 June 2022 (UTC)
  • Comments as follows:
    • In general, I've got some accessibility issues with the prose in terms of being understandable for a layperson who's not super-knowledgeable of games. A little more elaboration here and there would greatly help.
    • As a re-imagining of PlanetSide, PlanetSide 2 revolves around the same world and factions, but is faster-paced—how is it faster-paced, exactly? What is this reimagining mean? (And why is it in scare quotes in the lead but not in the body?)
    • The organization of the article seems a bit haphazard, with details appearing in odd orders and out of the relevant subsections you'd imagine; it's odd we get info on continuing releases and game support before the article actually mentions when the original version of the game released, for example.
    • The detail on the factions seems excessive, especially when not supported by secondary sources. Most of it seems like it could be cut down and merged with the mention of faction differences earlier in gameplay.
    • It seems weird to me the article repeatedly mentions the original PlanetSide but never gives any context for that game; even the development section just starts off with "rumors of a PlanetSide prequel".
    • The actual development section is largely not about development, but list of press info releases, stuff that mostly feels like it belongs in the Promotion section (and duplicates some of that info.)
      • Also, why does the Playstation development section have so much info relative to the general development? Was it really the source of much more press coverage solely for that version?
        • Along the same lines, why is only the initial launch and then the Playstation launch mentioned in release?
  • I have scoured online sources and outside of what is already included in the article, there is exceedingly little information about the PC version of the game's actual development outside of press releases and developer interviews, while more coverage is readily available for the PlayStation port. I can take another look but there is likely not much to add. -Liancetalk/contribs 21:28, 24 June 2022 (UTC)
    • It's weird that the post-release section doesn't contain any info about downloadable content, and that's instead in the gameplay section.
    • The reception section needs some work; right now it's not really organized thematically or using summary style, and just reads as mostly critics giving scores and then pull quotes.
  • References:
    • What makes Gameskinny, Smed's Blog, Massively Overpowered, Influencer Intelligence, MMO Culture, The Lone Gamers, and MMO Bomb reliable sources?
    • Refs need a lot of citation cleanup for consistency (why are some references using URLS like www.gameskinny or, while others aren't? Why are some wikilinked and others aren't? Why are some using inconsistent dates or missing authors and date information? etc.)
    • Unreferenced or apparently unreferenced statements include:
      • or example, TR weapons resemble contemporary military technology, and tend to have a higher rate of fire at the cost of damage per shot. Despite this, comparable weapons for specific niches are available for each faction.
      • DBC can also be used to buy XP and Nanite boosters, which speed up progression and allow access to more vehicles and consumables, respectively.
      • PlanetSide 2 features six classes, each of which possess distinct abilities. Although each class serves a unique role on the battlefield, customization options allow players to specialize into certain playstyles.
      • The class equips a carbine by default.
      • More than one continent can be open at once if server population increases.
      • Squad leaders gain access to a number of tools including spawn beacons, smoke signals, waypoints, and access to a faction-wide squad leader voice channel.
      • The above are just trailing ends of paragraphs without a supporting citation. There might be others masked by the inline referencing, so I would strongly recommend checking them all before I bother with a spot-check.
    • Source spot-check pending.

--Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs talk 14:05, 22 June 2022 (UTC)

David Fuchs, thank you so much for the in-depth GA review. This is my first time performing a nomination - should I go ahead and edit the article now to address the feedback you've provided? Best, -Liancetalk/contribs 21:08, 24 June 2022 (UTC)
Also not entirely sure how I should respond to feedback here - I will be leaving comments between your feedback points, if you prefer I leave them in an entirely new section please let me know and I can move them. -Liancetalk/contribs 21:29, 24 June 2022 (UTC)
If it's easier for you to check things off, you can respond in-line to points. Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs talk 22:36, 24 June 2022 (UTC)
Hey Liance, any updates on the article's status? It doesn't seem to have been significantly modified. Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs talk 16:28, 7 July 2022 (UTC)

Closing this for now, as there's been no updates for the past few weeks. Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs talk 23:28, 25 July 2022 (UTC)

Hi David Fuchs - my apologies, life had really busy in the last few weeks and I wasn't able to work on the article as much as I wanted to! Thank you so much for the thorough GA review and I will be sure to work through the criteria and possibly re-nominate it in the future. -Liancetalk/contribs 14:29, 9 August 2022 (UTC)
No worries—the real world happens. Good luck on your future efforts. Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs talk 21:50, 9 August 2022 (UTC)