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Who were these piratesEdit

A note to future editors: Neretvian and Narentine are synonymous in this context. They were both, probably, Serbian. They came from a place called Neretvia, Narentina, Pagania, or Merania. Do not edit war over these denominators. Srnec 08:12, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

No they were not Serbian. Not one Venetian source mentiones them as Serbs in fact they clearly distinguish them from each other. -- 16:26, 6 December 2006 (UTC)
Afrika, do I really have to semi-protect this talk page as well??? When will you learn that you are community-banned for heavy personal attacks, numerous 3RR, sockpuppetry and other disruption. --PaxEquilibrium 16:30, 6 December 2006 (UTC)
Afrika disrupted wikipedia a lot and he got banned. He made tons of sockpuppets by now - I'm sorry for disrupting wikipedia during our "fights". --PaxEquilibrium 17:40, 5 December 2006 (UTC)
No problem. There was nothing really false, just pointless attempts to enforce a "standard" which conforms to one POV. Srnec 00:13, 6 December 2006 (UTC)
Heh - yes problem. Afrika keeps returning trough socks. ;0 --PaxEquilibrium 16:23, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

Quote for Afrika paprika (again)Edit

"[...] these same Serbs decided to depart to their own homes, and the emperor sent them off. [...] And since what is now Serbia and Pagania and the so-called country of the Zachlumoi and Terbounia and the country of the Kanalites were under the dominion of the emperor of the Romans, [...] therefore the emperor settled these same Serbs in these countries". —Preceding unsigned comment added by PaxEquilibrium (talkcontribs) 12:00, August 27, 2007 (UTC)

Few more quotesEdit

Observe these well Pax.

"From the Croats who came to Dalmatia a part split off and possessed themselves of Illyricum and Pannonia ; they too had a sovereign prince, who used to maintain friendly contact, through envoys only, with the prince of Croatia."

"Now, after the said Slavs [Croats] had settled down, they took possession of all the surrounding territory of Dalmatia"

"But in these vessels go those of the Croats who wish to engage in commerce, travelling round from city to city, in Pagania and the gulf of Dalmatia and as far as Venice."

Source: De Administrando Imperio

"Post haec secundum continentiam priuiligiorum , quae lecta coram populo fuerant , scripsit priuilegia , diisit prouincias et regiones regni sui ac terminos et fines earum hoc modo : secundum cursum aquarum , quae a montanis fluunt et intrant in mare contra meridianam plagam , Maritima uocauit ; aquas uero , quae a montanis fluunt contra septentrionalem plagam et intrant in magnum flumen Donaui , uocauit Sumbra . Deinde Maritima in duas diuisit prouincias : a loco Dalmae , ubi rex tunc manebat et synodus tunc facta est , usque ad Ualdeuino uocauit Croatium Album , quae et inferior Dalmatia dicitur...Item ab eodem loco Dalmae usque Bambalonam ciuitatem , quae nunc dicitur Dyrachium , Croatiam Rubeam..."

PRESBYTER DIOCLEAS , De Regno Sclavorum , IOANNES LUCIUS , De Regno Dalmatie et Croatiae ( Amsterdam 1666 ) 287-302 ; SCHWANDTNER , *****ores rerum hungaricarum III ( Vienna 174 , SL . MIJUSKOVIC , Letopis Popa Dukljanina ( Titograd 1967)

"... Svethopolis rex Dalmacie ... in plano Dalme coronatus est et regnum suum Dalmacie in IIIIor partes divisit... A plano intaque Dalme usque Ystriam , Chroaciam Albam , vocavit , et a dicto plano usque Duracium , Chroaciam Rubeam , et versus montana , a flumine Drino usque Maceodoniam, Rasiam; et a dicto flumine citra Bosnam nominavi ... Moderni autem maritimam totam vocant Dalmaciam , montana autem Chroatiam...

A.DANDOLO , Chronica ( MURATORI , *****ores rerum ital. XIII , E. Postorello ) 156

Translation: "... Svetopulk [Tomislav ?], king of Dalmatia ... on Duvno field was crowned and his kingdom of Dalmatia is spread out into 4 regions : From the field called Duvno ( Tomislavgrad) , to Istra is called White Croatia ....and from that field to Dyrrachium (in Albania) is called Red Croatia ; and the mountainous side from the river Drina to Macedonia is called Rascia , and to that river to here is called Bosnia . The whole sea coast is called Dalmatia and its mountains are Croatia."

"Sclavoniam ingressi multa dispendia intineris passi sunt ... a Choratis ... impetum in Sclavos fecit ; ...cumque Sclavi ... Quadraginta etenim fere dies in Sclavonia fuimus... voluit Deus exercitum suum transire per Sclavoniam ... Tandem post multa laborum pericula apud Scrodam ad regnem Sclavorum pervenimus.... Hactenus de Sclavonia . Venimus Durrachium ..."

RAIMUNDUS DE AGILES , Historia Francorum , qui ceperunt Jherusalem ; BONGARAS Gesta Dei per Francos I ( Hanoviae 1611) 139 sl. Raimundus equals "Choratis" with "Sclavi" (Croats - Slavs). --DalmatinoA 15:03, 27 August 2007 (UTC)