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Konsoid Classification = OromoidEdit

According to several major authors, Konsoid forms a family of languages with Oromo under Oromoid:

  • Ongaye Oda Orkaydo - A Grammar of Konso (2013)- In Chapter or section 1 [1] entitled "Introduction", states, "Konso belongs to the Lowland East Cushitic languages of the Afroasiatic phylum. Within the Lowland East Cushitic family, it belongs to the Oromoid group, and further to the Konsoid group. The language has four dialects: Faaʃe, Karatte, Tuuro and χolme (see also Black 1973). Data for this study come from the Faaʃe dialect, which I speak. " In Chapter 2 [2], states, "Diraytata and Muusiye [Bussa], together with Konso, are Konsoid languages within the Oromoid subgroup..."
  • Dawit Tilhun - Reconstructing Proto-Consonant Phonemes of Lowland East Cushitic Languages (2008?)- [3], in the first note of the first page, he states, "Lowland East Cushitic is found in the area stretching from Eritrea through eastern and southern Ethiopia to central Kenya. It consists of Saho, Afar, Somaliand Oromoid groups including Borana, Konso and Dirayttata, and the Worizoid group including Gawwada."
  • Mauro Tosco - Dirayta Subject Case (1996) [4], Loans in Gawwada (2009) [5], Feature-geometry and diachrony: The development of the subject clitics in Cushitic and Romance* (2007) [6]
 1996 - In section 1 entitled "Introduction", he states, "Oromoid, a primary branch of East Cushitic, is made up of two dialect      
 clusters: Oromo and Konsoid."
 2007 - In section 2.3 titled "Konsoid", he states, "Within a restricted area of Southwest Ethiopia, the so-called Konsoid languages
 (belonging to the Oromoid branch of East Cushitic)..."
 2009 - In section 1 titled "Secondary Subject Markers in Cushitic: An overview", he states, "The Konsoid varieties and Oromo, which 
 together form the Oromoid branch of East Cushitic."
 In section 6.1.1 titled "Phonological integration of Non-Amharic loans", he states, "(...Oromo and Konsoid together make up the 
 Oromoid branch of East Cushitic.)"
  • Wondwosen Tesfaye Abire - Aspects of Diraytata Morphology and Syntax: A Lexical-Functional Grammar Approach (2006) [7], states in the Abstract, "Diraytata is one of least known languages in the Konsoid chain in the Oromoid subgroup in the Nuclear Southern Lowland East Cushitic group within the Cushitic family",and in section 1 titled "General Introduction", "Diraytata is one of the least described languages in the Konsoid chain in the Oromoid subgroup in the Nuclear Southern Lowland East Cushitic group within the Cushitic family."
  • Tim Girard - A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Werizoid Dialect Chain (2002) [8], states in section 0 titled "Introduction", "The object of this survey was, through primarily a lexicostatistic/phonostatistic approach, to further clarify those relationships as well as the external relationships of that “chain” with the larger language groups to the northeast (Gidole) and southeast (Konso). These languages and dialects are all classified as Oromoid Lowland East-Cushitic members of the Afro-Asiatic Superfamily of languages (Grimes 1988)."
  • Nina Valtavirta - Afroasiatic languages (2009) [9], classifies Konso(id) as Oromoid on page 20 and section 4 entitled "Lowland East Cushitic".
  • Barbara Wenger - Lotos, Hand und zweimal Mond: zu Kardinalzahlen und ihren Systemen in afroasiatischen Sprachen (2002)


  • R. J. Hayward - African Languages: An Introduction edited by Bernd Heine, Derek Nurse (2000) [11] - in Chapter 4 entitled "Afroasiatic" under section entitled "Cushitic" - "(ii) the Oromoid subgroup comprises all the varieties of Oromo proper (13,960,000) as spoken from the Tana River in Kenya to the Sudan borders and Tigrai zone of Ethiopia, and Konsoid, a dialect chain west of the southern Rift Valley of Ethiopia; its main variety is Konso (200,000)"
  • Maarten Mous - Encyclopaedia Aethiopica: He-N edited by Siegbert Uhlig () [12] - "The K. language cluster forms, together with /Oromo, a branch within /Lowland East Cushitic (/Cushitic family). Comparative K. and its position within Cushitic is extensively treated by Black in his 1974 Ph.D. dissertation; Bender (1971) was the first to establish K. as a genetic unit. "

A.Tamar Chabadi (talk) 20:17, 4 January 2014 (UTC)

Some of those just cite Ethnologue and so are useless to us, but on balance this looks uncontroversial. I'll start making the changes. — kwami (talk) 20:25, 4 January 2014 (UTC)
Wow, Kwami, you work fast! I was not even done adding references, hahaha. I was about to add Marcello Lamberti's 1987 rejection of the notion, but it seems that he has been corrected by further study into the Konsoid dialect chain. A.Tamar Chabadi (talk) 22:55, 4 January 2014 (UTC)