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Thebt, even if you were planning on making articles for all the items you internal-linked on the page I doubt half of them are worth one. The Finnish Wikipedia only has a list of programs on the article and I think it would be rather dumb for the English version to try outdo it since Finns (who have actually watched the channel) can't even decide the names of certain shows (such as the Lataamo-Keelamo dilemma). Certain personel undoubtedly could have their own articles like Thomas Puha, Miika Huttunen, Elias Poutanen and Wallu Valpio (Sarkula already has an article) but the manner in which you internal-linked their names + aliases seemed intentionally sloppy and I could even consider this attempted vandalism. Please be more reasonable with your practice from now on. (Hannu Mäkinen)


Seriously people, if you have info to add please put something on the talk-page on why you added it. A large piece was added about URL recently and while alot of it sounds credible I am not sure if we really need this much info on a show of such little importance. Anyway here is the info, if anyone has an idea as to what to do with it please tell me...

  • URL, the 15-minute "internet entertainment show" was MoonTV at it's purest and most cost-effective. In the show, two hosts, Thomas Puha and Miika Huttunen cruised on websites and commented on them. The URL's were sent in by the viewers of the program, though the duo would often cruise to their favourite websites, or shamelessly plug Pelaaja magazine later on. The show got it's start when another MoonTV program called Katureportterit was lacking content. According to legend, MoonTV's head of content production Terja Salaspuro told the reporter of the show to go and film Thomas Puha in his office and just get him talking since they had no other ideas. The result was that Puha showed his favourite websites suchs as and some videogames sites while discussing why sites featuring pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt were a great service. After two weeks, the episode of Katureportterit where Puha was on got so much positive feedback that it was decided that there would be a new show named URL, which would just show various websites for 15 minutes while Puha talked over them. He was at first joined by female co-hosts to try to make the show a bit sexier and not so nerdy, but soon Miika Huttunen became the co-host and the duo worked on the show for several years. According to people who worked at MoonTV Puah was simply too nervous when hehad to share duties with a femal co-host. It's a well known fact that this was the worst and easiest editing job at MoonTV, thus every new intern got to edit and film the show. The host duo have stated several times both off and on air that most of the time, someone would just set up the lights and the camera, start recording and leave. When Puha and Huttunen were finished checking out websites sent in by users, the duo would simply call someone to shut the camera off and the editor then cut the footage into several 15 minute episodes.

--HannuMakinen 21:14, 6 August 2006 (UTC)


Added an image of the logo, I'm not sure what the copyright-status of it is, but if there's a problem feel free to remove it. -TheHande 08:07, 16 August 2006 (UTC)

Well, to who ever vandalises this Moon Tv location I'm just saying that log on to the site first before you start delling stuff. Its continuation to Moon TV which is relevant. Otherwise I would not bother do this. If you have problems leaving these facts that I provided, let me hear about them. I know that I know more than anyone else writing to site about Moon TV. This time there's a reason. Theres going to be world wide information about new patented TV Concept, happens to be first patented TV Concept in TV's history, that I made and I'm about to make it public. So hold your horses and let other people see whats interesting. Okay? emails to AUG 26. 10.08

MoonTV had a relatively short run as cable-channels go and any history related to it should and has been covered on the top of the page. I edited this info because the site seemed legit, so that it looked more like a wiki entry and less like a plug for your product (Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not free ad-space). Still I wont protest removing any of this info because A.) It does not appear on the Finnish wikipedia and B.) I have no way of confirming it. This is why I need more people to actually do some work on the page. -TheHande 09:07, 27 August 2006 (UTC)

Kimmo Nikkanen was (is) a unbeliable multitask gaming man with massive gaming background. Rarely he got anything wrong. Me, as his producer, made sure that he wouldn't make time priority in his reviews and previews but saw that game got what it deserved. And easily 95% of the time he was right. -User:Pekka 29 Aug. 2006 12.29

Agh! I barely remember Kimmo from the very early shows, but thanks for putting him in the article, he definitely deserves a mention. -TheHande 18:12, 28 August 2006 (UTC)

MoonTV - Hyvästi TelevisioEdit

YLE TV1 is airing a documentary on MoonTV tomorrow at 21:15. --TheHande (talk) 20:21, 7 February 2009 (UTC)