Mataban belongs to Xawaadle regardless of your opintion edit

The Matabaan district is largely inhabited by Madhiban- Guled Cade, Xawaadle - Agoon Abdalle, Xawaadle - Cali Madaxweyne Xawaadle-Ibrahim Ciise Somali Bantu - Makanne Sadax Cumaro

Xawaadle -1 Madhiban - 2 Makanne - 3

Those 3 are the inhabitants of Mataban Garore.

Remember the city of Mataban is named after Hussein Mataban, a Xawaadle nomad from the Agoon Abdalle Sub-Clan.

Hiraan iyo unukaleh. Kheyre229 (talk) 06:54, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

You know how laughable this demographics of yours is if we for once spoke about reality here? if you walked up to anyone with a knowledge of somalia in particular, hiran and mataban and asked them about Mataban’s demographics they would tell you that mataban is a habargidir district. In Somalia, districts, regions, states, belong to the majority clan.

Speaking of your new clan demographics, Madhiban don't even live in hiran and the hirshabelle state in whole, their population is too insignificant which is not they're not ones of the clans listed in the power sharing deal used to form the state.

For you to desperately come back once in every month after being fact checked shows nothing but desperation. This is why referencing rules rather than listening to once’s opinions.

By the way, the only person bring opinions to the table is you and not me. I have referenced everything I have added to this page in whole.

You reference is outdated. Kheyre229 (talk) 09:11, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

I’m not desperate to put my “clan” in Hiraan. You are.

Cayr don’t have deegan in Hiiran nor Mataban.

Mataban belongs to Agoon Abdalle and Xawaadle

Makanne and Madhiban are minority.

I’m actually born there.

So I have better knowledge Kheyre229 (talk) 09:12, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

I’m actually Madhiban Guled Cadde, you married our women thats the reason why you claim “Mataban”

Ugaas Rooble invited my grandfather to live in Mataban that’s why we as Madhiban lived there. There’s a border between Cayr and Xawaadle (Hiraan-Xawaadle) (Galgaduud-Cayr) you married Madhiban women next thing you know Cayr is claiming.

Xawaadle invited us 3rd Generation

Hiraan belongs to Xawaadle.

I am Guled Cadde, Origanally Madhiban.

I’m not Habargidir. Kheyre229 (talk) 09:43, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

I didn't ask for your clan Although I already know you're hawadle because you have said so yourself previously. There's no need to claim another clan (who don't even live in Hiran or Mataban) because that wouldn't change anything.

I know for a fact, you claiming this new clan of yours, doesn't make your opinions FACTS. And if my references are outdated, please, come with at least any reference (for starters). And my references is nowhere near outdated.

Ayanle 11:01, 11 December 2019 (UTC)

I have Xawaadle relatives my friend, We are close and have been born and bred in the same place.

These invaders claiming other people lands is becoming a trend, first Xamar, no Hiraan 🤣

Kheyre229 (talk) 11:09, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

And yet, you can't come to the table with a single reference to all of these, you’re claiming.

Funny thing is, Guled Cade live in Galgaduud and not in hiran. The reality is actually the opposite of what you’re claiming.

Ayanle 11:19, 11 December 2019 (UTC)

No, a good portion of them lived in Mataban and only in Mataban my friend.

I’m dead serious.

Ugaas Rooble invited them in, Cayr married their women. That’s how Cayr came into the city.

Makanne and co live in the city but in minorities as you find them by the riversides

And Xawaadle you see them everywhere in Hiraan.

Brother, don’t take this in a bad way.

Don’t be those people who “Habargidirize” every page.

You do know a lot about the city but demographic wise leave it out. It’s not good for me or you.


No hard feelings walaalkey.

Kheyre229 (talk) 11:30, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

References, bro.

1991 all the references were destroyed.

Demographics changed heavily.

Cayr weren’t that much of a minority before 1994.

But after 1994 it skyrocketed.

Therefore you will find inaccuracies like the reference you provided.

I could have written and so could have you etc.

It’s not reliable.

Kheyre229 (talk) 11:32, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

You clearly, don’t know anything about Mataban or Guled Cade. And here’s why.

First of all, there are no clans other then Habargidir and hawadle present in Mataban. Especially Bantus because Bantus are mostly farmers and let me tell you this, Mataban is not suitable for farming just like the Galgaduud and mudug it was part of before 1974.

Secondly, the river (shabelle river) does not go through Mataban like most of hiran, so nice try again. Like i have said many times you’re Claiming the opposite of what is out there in reality.

Last but not list, madhiban, don’t in Hirshabelle, they live in galmudug, specifically Guriceel, which is where Guled cade who are mistaken most of the times as part of cayr reside.

And also, cayr were never minority in Mataban, because Mataban and Guriceel were founded by them in the early 19th century. Which is why Siad Barre who had clan Feuds them had to separate Matabaan to divide their power. Ayanle 12:10, 11 December 2019 (UTC)

I said, *Bantus are majority by the riverside, hence in the Shabelles. Lol Kheyre229 (talk) 12:18, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

Don’t get me started on Siad Barre

Yes it’s true he wanted “Hawiye” bloodshed to happen so Darood can grab Hiraan.

Hiraan has 6 borders and all of them enemies.

He placed Ogaden in Jalalaqsi and god knows what happen to the Ogaden.

So anyways back to my point.

Madhiban and Cayr inter married.

Madhiban out of 100 is less than <10 so they aren’t “mainly” inhabited. “Inhabited” So I’ll delete that part.


Xawaadle and Habargidir do live in Mataban obviously.

Makanne also lives in a minority under <10.

I’m not denying Habargidir live in Mataban. Let’s not forget about the other minorities.

We are one. Siad wanted to divide us and let’s not give in.

Hiraan waa Dhul barwaaqo and it must be preserved. Kheyre229 (talk) 12:22, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

No, Guriceel waa Cayr territory.

Mataban is shared between Xawaadle and Cayr as they live closely to Galgaduud.

Mataban was founded by Hussein Mataban. (Agoon Abdalle nomad) and named after him. He died roughly 1930’s. Kheyre229 (talk) 12:24, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

there’s no “riverside” in mataban and no we weren’t discussing shabelles lol.

Anyway, let's not go back and forth, if you're a reasonable person, I’m sure we could solve this Ayanle 12:24, 11 December 2019 (UTC)

Sometimes you use the word “insignificant” to represent Xawaadle. I have never used that word to represent Cayr.

That’s not good what you do sometimes bro.

That’s why I msgd you about “Xawaadle Neceeb”. You trying to change history. Kheyre229 (talk) 12:25, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

Yes we can resolve it. Kheyre229 (talk) 12:26, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

Of course there isn’t riversides in Mataban lmao.

You find Makanne in Beledweyne and Jalalaqsi and Jowhar etc. Kheyre229 (talk) 12:27, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

If you can edit the part where it says “Cayr” the way you do it.

I write it in English like “Ayr” Lol

I want the page to look neat. And also make madhiban are minority and Makanne

Xawaadle and Habargidir are majority there. Kheyre229 (talk) 12:29, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

Matabaan is not really ”shared” it's indisputably Cayr district. Hawadle do live in the district especially the village of Bacda and few other villages to it's east and west.

Both district commissioner, mayor and deputy are cayr habargidir.

I know guriceel is cayr and I didn't say otherwise. And both madhiban and bantus don't live in matabaan. Ayanle 12:33, 11 December 2019 (UTC)

These clans do live there but they are too insignificant to include.

I only did that to show you that there are more than just Habargidir and Xawaadle that live there. Only bantu is the Sadex Cumar and Guled Cadde. Other than that it’s Xawaadle and Habargidir taking the pie. Kheyre229 (talk) 12:39, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

I know those district commissioners are Cayr, there is no place even in the hirshabelle website or anything that gives a full biography of them if you know what I mean. Kheyre229 (talk) 12:40, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

I'm willing to write it as [The Matabaan district is largely inhabited by Ayr sub-clan of habargidir. Other clans with presence in the district include the Cali Madaxweyne-hawadle, Madhiban and makkane.] although I personally do know that madhiban and Bantus dont live there im willing to include them Ayanle 12:40, 11 December 2019 (UTC)


Fine with me.

And include the district commissioner

And also Mataban isn’t central

More north western Kheyre229 (talk) 12:41, 11 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

The current commissioner of Mataban is the former Commissioner of Guriceel. Ayanle 12:42, 11 December 2019 (UTC)

I was talking about hiran when i said central and not mataban. And the district commissioner is already added there.

Ayanle 12:46, 11 December 2019 (UTC)

Okay, what do you think of the new edit? I can remove the commissioner and Mayor part, not even necessary. Ayanle 12:52, 11 December 2019 (UTC)

It’s good. Keep it up 🤝👍 Kheyre229 (talk) 06:46, 12 December 2019 (UTC)Reply