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As written, some of the supposed English is not comprehensible. If someone wrote this article whose native language was not English, could you please get someone to help you with the English.



It seems that someone(s) are continually marking telenovela articles as requiring documentation, citations from (reliable) SECONDARY sources. This Wikipedia policy should not apply to telenovelas. The best sources of info are from people who have watched the telenovelas. Their source will be primary, the actual telenovela. It simply is impractical or impossible to find reliable secondary sources. The primary-source phobia should be dropped from telenovela articles. Persons who write articles on telenovelas will be fans of the telenovela. They have seen the show. They are quite unlikely to rely on odd articles here & there in novela magazines, which would give very sparce information & not necessarily reliable. It is very unlikely that one is going to find serious secondary books written by scholars or literary journals giving extensive information on a telenovela. Thus, it is recommended that the pedantiic practice of posting these caveats at the top of the article cease. (EnochBethany (talk) 19:04, 3 May 2011 (UTC))Reply