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Having recently been repeatedly subjected to "V. Hobbits" from "Symphony No. 1: Lord of the Rings" and finding it (my subjective personal opinion) very like extremely trite and kitschy pop music, I wondered how seriously as a classical composer its author and this particular piece are taken in the classical culture at large (a more objective consideration). It's fairly impossible to tell something like this from Wikipedia because among its many faults it generally gives us little, if any, perspective on matters. So I looked up the composer in Grove. There is no Johan de Meij entry, and he isn't mentioned in any other Grove article either. (Grove will typically ignore musicians it doesn't consider especially reputable.) The New York Times archives shows two mentions, one noting in passing that a particular concert will include works by him, the other in the real estate section about a house he and his journalist wife bought. I don't find any Johan de Meij reviews at the Gramophone site (although the magazine did review, for example, a number of Paul McCartney's supposedly classical works). TheScotch (talk) 06:43, 8 March 2015 (UTC)