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DEAD ?Edit

Ok I love the X-men comics, but come on Marvel give Jean a break, she has died to many time? but my real question is does anyone know if she is returning (with X3 being made it has to be soon)

  • Dead god I hope not. Let her stay gone this time. Also, she doesn't have to come back becomes her film counterpart isn't dead.
  • Actually, that is incorrect. She is officially in X3, turning out to be the Dark Phoenix, even turning bullets upon Magneto. I believe Famke is doing a FANTASTIC job of portraying her. Anyway, I think she should come back and just be back for like twenty years.

Minor EditsEdit

I tried to condense and rearrange. There was a paragraph in Romance about her attending the university, even though it didn't have any real relevance to her romances. I condenced the paragraph to a sentence.

The Phoenix section is really difficult to revise, considering it is one of the biggest aspects of Jean's life. I left it lengthy, and I urge others to do so as well.


Redid the Endsong article. Hopefully it's a bit more comprehensive.


In the powers and abilities section, this: Jean also showed in Endsong that she, as well as the Phoenix, has the ability to absorb Cyclops' optic blasts and feed off them. is pretty much superfluous as we already know she can absorb any kind of energy and feed off of it. I'm going to remove it.


Ok. I am confused. Is Jean Grey dead or not?

Yes, she is dead or not.

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Main image (part ∞)Edit

A user named TheTeostar has decided to replace the current image with a new image from the latest comics. However, there are issues with this:

  1. It took a long time to decide on the current image. There was a vote and everything. Such a consensus should not be undone lightly.
  1. There is a guideline called WP:CMOS#BOXIMAGE

that we have to follow when picking out the top image for superheroes. In short, we prefer images that are are full body, have a neutral background (or no background) and that it must be the most universally recognized version of the character, which is usually not the newest version.

Now, if there is a consensus that we should update to the newer style of Jean Grey, I'm fine with that, and would even help out by removing the background. But it needs to be a full body shot that shows her in her most iconic outfit and form. — trlkly 05:58, 4 February 2018 (UTC)

While the image I added is new, chronologically (its from the recent Phoenix Resurrection mini-series), the way Jean is depicted is not. That's her look from Grant Morrison's New X-Men run, and arguably one of her most iconic and wholesome looks (Green and Gold Phoenix outfit aside). The image is full body, and while the background is a bit cluttered, I wouldn't say it's that obtrusive, the flames compliment the usually very fire-oriented red head on the foreground. And if the goal here is to choose an image that perfectly represents Jean Grey in her most classic/iconic form, then you cannot not default to Phoenix-empowered Jean Grey, which MARVEL is trying to change now by separating Jean and Phoenix, which I highly endorse and support as that means Jean will finally get some new storylines and experiences that do not involve the cosmic fiery turkey and the doom and gloom that comes with it. I don't know how long it took to decide on the image you currently have, but the poll must have been very inefficient, as the end result is a poorly chosen outdated (1999) image that pays no compliments to the character and quite frankly, it might even misrepresent her. Were the other options that bad?
Not to mention that this is a Wikipedia article, not a Congress bill, is such extensive voting really neccesary for something so niche? Besides, it's high time someone changed the image, it has been five years since it was last changed, someone needs to take charge or stagnation occurs. (I really got tired of seeing that horrible image for the past half-decade) The image I added is fabulous, as with most images that came out of the Phoenix Resurrection series, that comic had both fantastic covers and interiors, bless the artists. (even the story was quite nice) And there's really no way we can represent Jean Grey as she appears now, since she JUST came back from her 2004/5 death and the X-Men Red series hasn't started yet, so we have no images that could depict her in her current form, which I don't support, since the way she'll be depicted in the Red series (at least visually, costume wise) is horrendous. It's like they took her 80s/90s costume and just downgraded it so much that it lost everything that made it so iconic and visually appealing. Bottom line is, our best bet is choosing an image that has Jean in her New X-Men costume (the last costume she had before her death), as it is both chronologically recent (more recent than the 90s and Phoenix costumes) and modern. (mid 2000s comic style, as modern as you can get with her at the moment)
TheTeostar (talk) 08:20, 4 February 2018 (UTC)
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