Talk:Henry Hamilton O'Hara "Mad O'hara"


I will contest the deletion, as Henry Hamilton O'Hara is a historical figure of whom much is known (see readings from his tombstone as primary evidence)

He is worthy of inclusion not only because of a ghost legend that sprung up after his death, but I wanted the article to relate that to the historical figure.

That he is of historical interest should be seen from the references offered - he was the subject of a project at a local school, and has been the study of various historians who have had articles published about him elsewhere.

It seemed from the reason you cited for deletion you were unsure as to the accuracy of the historical research? The O’Hara’s were a very important landowning family in Northern Ireland for several centuries; Henry Hamilton was the last in a long line. Even without the Ghost story he is of certain historical significance, and I cannot see who would benefit from the removal of this article?

I have re-edited the articale to make clearer why the grave is so relevant - firstly - it is a very unusual victorian grave in that it is a symbolic shattered pillar which influenced the creation of the headless horseman ghost story. This will be of interest to researchers in many fields.

Secondly, the primary evidence of the inscription contrasts the legends.