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I feel this needs some explanation - what is special about ventilated, rather than non-ventilated, hair? specifications of "ventilated hair" added on april 5-2007

Rodolfo Valentin was the designer of the first hair prosthesis in the world. IT IS CORRECTLY TRUE. Rodolfo Valentin designed the first hair prosthesis in the world in 1973.In fact he creates it for his mother a chemotherapy patient losing her hair. Before then,people losing their hair due to chemotherapy treatments only had available regular wigs that were very uncomfortable and keep felling off from their head and giving them bad allergic reactions from the contact with the material and the foreign hair. The difference between wig and hair prosthesis is that a wig does not uses hypoallergenic material (inexistent until few decades ago)…and the double tape (invented for medical reasons) is also available from few decades ago. Rodolfo used that tape to hold the wig in the head of the patients when getting “bald” after chemotherapy, and slowly adding special pin-clips to hold it when the hair returned to grow back again. Rodolfo was the designer of taking the cranial mold, use a hypoallergenic material to create a base where to attach the ventilated hair (one by one) making sure that the hair does not touch the over sensitive cranial skin to avoid sores. He called it "cancer wig" and some people still do, the name of "hair prosthesis" came out for insurance purposes,because insurances only cover "prosthesis" from there the name of "hair prosthesis" ( prostheses) for plural.