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Why is it not "divide and conquer"?Rfwh (talk) 03:46, 25 May 2015 (UTC)

Very good question. And where is the most important part about dividing populations up into groups that hate each other in order to rule them more effectively? Haven't seen it in the lede, and haven't read the whole thing, but that vital aspect of this concept should certainly be covered prominently. Must be lots of reliable sources about it.--SergeWoodzing (talk) 11:22, 17 June 2015 (UTC)
This must be one of those British vs. American things, as I have never heard it as "Divide and rule," in any of my academic textbooks. It's even somewhat logically incoherent, as the most profitable use of the policy is to divide your enemy to make it easier to defeat them. It reminds of the line by Ellsworth Toohey, from Ann Rand's book The Fountainhead, which reads, "Divide and conquer - first. But then - unite and rule." Yes, I know that's not an authoritative source, but it makes the point. It's especially odd since the article repeatedly uses the conventional divide and conquer phrase in the body of the article. Why is that? __209.179.54.133 (talk) 23:34, 19 June 2016 (UTC)

The divide and rule policy of the British-Imperial-Rulers vs the divide and rule policy of the India by "the self-rule" after the the independence .Edit

"The Govt of India-Act -1935", was perfectly, "pre-designed" and passed and imposed by the British-parliament on the Indian-people, to have "the divide and rule policy" of the British-Imperial-Rulers, to dis-integrate people of the Nation-India, principally based on the sharing of the executive-power/legislative-power on the % quota basis of the strength of the population of the religions or castes or sub-castes or races or its various-social-groups or the so-called general catagory of the people or the untouchables etc, by making provisions of the separate list of electorates to elect the members of the legislatures , principally based on the birth-marks of the groups, and never to unite on the basis of the humanity.This political theory resulted in the partition of the Nation-India. The Secular-Republican-Democratic-Constitution of the Nation-India -1950, is perfectly pre-designed to have the universal-unity and integrity of the Nation-India, by the selecting the universal-Constitutional-natural-basic-unit of the Indian-people i.e individual-human-person i.e any-citizen i.e any-person and Constitutionally-guaranteed to it the universal-non-discrimination-status available to him from his birth to death. Unfortunately the temporary-special-provisions relating to the certain classes of the citizens of the Nation-India, based on the birth-marks of the caste or religion or race or sex or descent or its various-social-groups or the minority-group of various-religions or the so-called other backward castes or the scheduled castes or tribes etc, is extended 10-yrs to 70 yrs i.e generations to generations (one generation is the period of 30 years ) ,to share the executive-power or legislative-power or the judiciary-power of the Nation-India, based % quota basis i.e on communal-award lines, declared by the British-Imperial-Rulers in the year -1932, and the universal-unity and integrity of the Nation-India, is dis-integrated, and the Nation-India became the federal state of the communal-award; and presently the state of the Nation-India,became un-governable by the anybody or any-power-force only on the account of the divide and rule policy. The Govt.Deptts of the Nation-India, are dis-integrated and became un-governable by the anybody or any-power-force i.e by the self-rule. The white-collered caste-ism and corruption became the day to day business of the Govt-servants and officials.

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