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Ethnic figures should be sourceEdit

A source should be cited for the pre-breakup of Yugoslavia ethnic figures.-Johnpacklambert 03:24, 8 July 2007 (UTC)

Tone of conversion mentionEdit

I think the tone of the section on conversion is too anti-Conversion. I am sure there were people who converted because they believed the principals of Roman Catholicism. To present all converts as seeking material gains in this world is unfair.-Johnpacklambert 03:26, 8 July 2007 (UTC)

Which warEdit

There needs to be a more specific reference in the opening to which war affected Bukovica's boundaries.-Johnpacklambert

Source debatesEdit

"Veritas" site as "trustworthy source"?
Especially the page [1] with the "report" of Croatian Helsinki Committee, with the words like "prepis" and similar?? Not to mention that that report is not signed!
Any idiot can type such letter and blame anyone.
About this reference.
"The United Nations believes 12 Serb civilians were massacred in Varivode".
What did they used? A crystal ball?
Second. "...burning, looting and killing was done by men in Croatian military uniforms and armed civilians".
"Men in ...uniforms"?
So, you are the one of those who believe that Poles have attacked the Gleiwitz in 1939?
Why don't you post the reports about the Serbs that 've been killed because they didn't wanted to leave, but they've been killed by Serbs?
"Armed civilians"??
What idiot 'll go and risk his life by going with weapon into the war zone?
Nobody knows who that person is (unless being recognised, but who recognizes someone from 500m?).
Were that probably the Serb criminals who terrorized local Serbs, who wanted to stay in Croatia?
The sentence from that page "Officially, Croatia says Serbs who have lived in the Krajina region for hundreds of years can stay." Is that neutral conclusion? Even worse, it's a lie.
Croatian authorities 've never segregated the Serbs according to their presence in Croatia (still, those settled during Serbian aggression on Croatia don't count here), either they lived there 100 years or 48 years.
About "ethnic cleansing", here are the references, that show that rebel authorities 've organized and prepared the evacuation of Serbs much before.
there are some documents of rebel Serbs' Civile Protection (Civilna Zaštita), that speak about an already prepared and predicted evacuation of population (I'll dig that out later), but, as a first step, here are some sources (Serb sources!) that speak about planned evacuation of population of rebel areas:

This order is given from the rebel Serb top authority on the day of Operation Storm. 5. August 1995.

  • RSK, Vrhovni savjet odbrane, Knin, 4. avgust 1995., 16.45 časova, Broj 2-3113-1/95. Faksimil ovog dokumenta objavljen je u/The faximile of this document was published in: Rade Bulat "Srbi nepoželjni u Hrvatskoj", Naš glas (Zagreb), br. 8.-9., septembar 1995., p. 90.-96. (faksimil je objavljen na stranici 93./the faximile is on the page 93.).

Vrhovni savjet odbrane RSK (The Supreme Council of Defense of Republic of Serb Krajina) brought a decision 4. August 1995 in 16.45. This decision was signed by Milan Martić and later verified in Glavni štab SVK (Headquarters of Republic of Serb Krajina Army) in 17.20.

I'll type you the original text later.

These orders are given two days before the Operation Storm, 02. August 1995.

  • RSK, Republički štab Civilne zaštite, Broj: Pov. 01-82/95., Knin, 02.08.1995., HDA, Dokumentacija RSK, kut. 265

This is the document of Republic headquarters of Civil Protection of RSK. In this document it was ordered to all subordinated headquaters of RSK to immediately give all reports about preparations for the evacuation, sheltering and taking care of evacuated civilians (evakuacija, sklanjanje i zbrinjavanje) (the deadline for the report was 3. August 1995 in 19 h).

  • RSK, Republički štab Civilne zaštite, Broj: Pov. 01-83/95., Knin, 02.08.1995., Pripreme za evakuaciju materijalnih, kulturnih i drugih dobara (The preparations for the evacuation of material, cultural and other goods), HDA, Dokumentacija RSK, kut. 265

This was the next order from the Republican HQ of Civil Protection. It was referred to all Municipal Headquaters of Civil Protection. In that document was ordered to all subordinated HQ's to implement the preparation of evacuation of all material and all mobile cultural goods, archives, evidentions and materials that are highly confidential/top secret, money, lists of valuable stuff (?)("vrednosni popisi") and referring documentations.

  • Drago Kovačević, "Kavez - Krajina u dogovorenom ratu" , Beograd 2003. , p. 93.-94.

Note: Drago Kovačević was during the existence of so-called RSK the minister of informing and the mayor of Knin (the capitol of self-proclaimed state)

  • Milisav Sekulić, "Knin je pao u Beogradu" , Bad Vilbel 2001., p. 171.-246., p. 179.

Note: Milisav Sekulić was a high military officer of "Srpska vojska Krajine" (Republic of Serb Krajina Army).

  • Marko Vrcelj, "Rat za Srpsku Krajinu 1991-95" , Beograd 2002., p. 212.-222.

Note: Marko Vrcelj was a military officer of JNA (later named: Vojska Jugoslavije - Army of FR Yugoslavia). During the wartime 1991-95, he was on the various military functions in "Srpska vojska Krajine" (Republic of Serb Krajina Army).
That's it. Kubura 16:29, 15 March 2007 (UTC)

"Majority" of Serbs todayEdit

Those links I've posted are links of Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics, the official Croatian statistical body [2].
Don't ignore that. Kubura 06:40, 29 May 2007 (UTC)

Interesting that you are mentioning the census of 2001, by speaking of things like the Skabrnja massacre, and placing that village in Bukovica, you are showing that you obviously have no idea of what villages constitute Bukovica. We are talking about a geographical area here, not an administrative one. Now, if you knew anything about the area you are trying to write about ("vandalizing" is a more appropriate word), you'd know that the Croats of Bukovica today live in a)Rodaljice (about a 100 people), Nunic (same), Medvidja (a handful of people) and Kistanje (where they are still outnumbered by Serbs). What does your census say about that?

Your "contributions" are nothing but empty political rhetoric and propaganda, and by placing Skabrnja in Bukovica, and deleting information about warcrimes that your side commited in the area that this article is dedicated to, you clearly show that you don't have a clue about the things you are supposed to input. If you wanna indulge your nationalistic frustrations and show your inner Ustasa, there's plenty of articles about the "domovinski rat", Skabrnja, Vukovar and God knows what for you to pollute. But don't attempt to croaticize Bukovica, or at least leave that to someone else from your ranks that actually knows something about the subject.

Oh yeah, I see you based most of your "census" jibberish on Obrovac, which has a population of about 2.500 Croats. Well, that's true, but only including the villages of Zaton and Krusevo, where most of these Croats are, and those two villages are geographically not a part of Bukovica.