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Combine/join articlesEdit

1. the comarca "Bidasoa-Txingudi" and the region "Bidasoaldea" are the same thing, but they have their own aricles. some articles link to one, others to the other. neither article even mentions that they are also known by the other name. they should be joined and both names included (as is done in most other Basque-related articles). they both even reference the same spanish and basque aricles, and those articles resolve these issues and even include a third name.

2. both their respective infoboxes need to be fixed too. one calls them "comarcas" and the other "regions". the combined article could list both boxes (one for Basque Country in general, one for Gipuzkoa specifically). the name and number of comarcas/regions in the boxes should coorespond to the name/number in the article (and each other).

3. articles in different languages also link back to the 2 different articles. once the combined article is ready, those arcticles should point to the same place.

i put this same comment in the other article. i know what needs to be done, but i'm not familiar enough with this comarca/region to re-write the article. Ivansevil (talk) 20:07, 16 November 2009 (UTC)