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Tales of Pirates was a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by the Chinese company MOLI. Tales of Pirates was published by IGG (I Got Games) until the game closed on February 29, 2016. They have also published four other games, Voyage Century Online, WonderLand Online, Myth War Online and 2029 Online. Several versions of the game are available for specific countries or regions.

Tales Of Pirates
Tales of Pirates logo.png
Tales of Pirates Logo
Developer(s) MOLIO
Publisher(s) I Got Games
Platform(s) Windows (Windows NT/98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/W7)

(Global) March 15, 2007 (Closed Beta)

(Global) March 30, 2007 (Open Beta)
Genre(s) Fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game
Mode(s) MMORPG



Just like many games, Tales of Pirates had classes. Each race was able and unable to choose a class. Naturally, there were the first tier classes and then the second tier classes. From level 1 to 9, the player would be a Newbie, equipped with Newbie vest, knife and shoes. After reaching level 9, the player was able to talk to the Newbie Instructor NPC to initiate the first tier class quest. Once the player reaches level 41, they were able to initiate the second class quest by talking to the class instructor of their first chosen class.

Please note that the each player had a yellow chest that gave them items and equipments from level 5 and all the way up to level 45.

First-Tier ClassesEdit


Swordsman, as the name suggests, was a sword-wielding class able to deal a moderate damage at a moderate speed. This class had the option to either dual-wield swords for more damage or go with a sword and a shield for decent distribution between offense and defense.

Three races were able to pick this class; Lance, Carsis, and Phyllis.


The Hunter was a ranged class that excelled at using both the bows and the guns. Not only was it able to deal tons of damage and shred tanks, but hunters were also able to cripple the enemy and rend them unable to use skills for a short amount of time.

Both the gun and the bow had separated skills. The gun had high damage, high accuracy and short range while the bow had a long range, slightly reduced damage and high attack speed. It was up to the player to choose which weapon to pick depending on their play style.


The Explorer is one of the magic classes that, obviously, depend on their skills to deal damage. This class, that later on becomes the Voyager, and unlike any other class in this game, excels excellently in the sea. Out of all the Explorer's and Voyager's skills, only two can be used on the land.

What made this class unique is the fact that in order to utilize the skills, the player had to buy Corals that had a certain amount of durability depending on the latter's level. After the durability ran out, the player had to either buy a new one or follow the coordinates to a storm within the sea by paying attention to the System Chat.


The Herbalist is the first class a player could pick if they wanted to finish their journey of becoming a class specialized in healing and buffing [Cleric] or a class specialized in debuffing the enemy [Seal Master]. However, the herbalist can only buff and heal their teammates. It is only at level 41 that they are able to debuff the enemy of the player ever chose to become a Seal Master.

Second-Tier ClassesEdit


If the player chose Swordsman as their first class, Only as a Phyllis or a Lance, then they will be able to become a Crusader at level 41. The Crusader, unlike the Swordsman excels mostly at dual-wielding swords instead of using a sword and a shield in each hand.

Unlike any other class, the Crusader has the ability to stealth for about a minute and the ability to stun the enemy. This combo is quite deadly especially if the player has a well itemized character.


The Champion is one of the tankiest classes in the game. Despite the fact that the class description implies that Champions had a great power, the latter class has a significantly lower damage output compared to Crusader and the Sharpshooter.

Despite the fact that Champions, too, could use a one-handed sword in each hand, it was better to use a two-handed greatsword, great hammer, or great axe as he had a passive skill that increased his damage output whenever he used those latter weapons.

Carsis was the only race able to become a Champion.


The Sharpshooter excelled at dealing deadly damage from afar. As the class description implied, this class was able to use both the firegun and the bow and each weapon had its own skills.

The gun had higher damage output, higher accuracy but lower range. The bow, on the other hand, had longer range, higher attack speed rate but lower damage output.

Phyllis and Lance were the only races that are able to become a hunter and then a Sharpshooter.


The Voyager is what comes after the Explorer. As the name may hint, the voyager travels the world. Of course, the travelling and exploration are not restricted to the land only, but this class excels at sailing with a ship.

The Voyager is the only class whose skills are sea-oriented. majority of the Voyager's skills either empower your ship in some way or are offensive sea skills. Only two skills can be used on the land.

Just like the Explorer, the Voyager had to use Corals in order to use the skills.

Ami, Phyllis, and Lance are the races able to become a Voyager.


If one was to become the savior of their teammates, this would be their first choice. The Clerics, unlike their counterpart that is the Seal Master, focuses on healing and empowering their party so they could last longer, deal more damage, move faster, and endure a bit more damage.

Just like in every team-based game, Cleric were pretty demanded and requested.

Ami and Phyllis are the races able to become a Cleric

Seal MasterEdit

It was, without a doubt, certain that the players would come across face to face with those monsters or other players with a high defense or health pool or at the very least a very fast-moving Sharpshooter. The Seal Master was the perfect choice to deal with those kind of threat as they could debuff the enemy in a various way such as making them unable to move, cast their skills or even land basic attacks. Seal Masters, in conjunction with a strong Sharpshooter or Crusader, were able to wreak havoc most of the time.

Ami and Phyllis were the races able to become a Seal Master.


On January 25, 2016, IGG announced they would discontinue the game. Servers were to be closed on February 29, 2016.[1]


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