Coat of Arms of Tałačyn

Talachyn (Belarusian: Талачы́н, Łacinka: Tałačyn, pronounced [taɫaˈtʂɨn]) or Tolochin (Russian: Толо́чин; Polish: Tołoczyn, Yiddish: Tolotshin טאָלאָטשין‎, Lithuanian: Talačynas) is a city in the Vitebsk Region of Belarus, an administrative center of the Talachyn district. It is perhaps the coldest city in Belarus in winter[citation needed], with a record low of -42.2C.

Church of the Protection of Our Lady, Talachyn, Belarus


The town was first mentioned in 1433. The village was a shtetl, the Jewish population of the town constituted more than 70% of all inhabitants.[1] In March 1942 the Germans killed more than 2,000 Jews from the city and its suburbs in a mass execution.[2] A memorial has been erected to remember the fate of the victims. American composer Irving Berlin was likely born in this city.

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