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Tal Friedman (Hebrew: טל פרידמן‎; born 20 December 1963) is an Israeli comedian, actor, voice actor and musician.

Tal Friedman
Tal Friedman 23032007.jpg
Tal Friedman singing with "The Krayot" band
in Tel Aviv (23 March 2007).
Born (1963-12-20) 20 December 1963 (age 55)
OccupationActor, comedian, and musician
Years active1988–


Friedman was born in Kiryat Ata, Israel, in 1963. His father was a holocaust survivor.

He served in the Israeli Sea Corps on a missile boat during the 1982 Lebanon War.[1] He studied acting at Tel Aviv University, where he met Moshe Furster, with whom he put on his first act, Alilot Moshe Ba'ir Hagdola (עלילות משה בעיר הגדולה, lit: "Moshe's Adventures in the Big City"). During that time he also performed in several plays. His film appearances include Driks' Brother (1994), Right Back (1997), Riki Riki (2005), Joy (2005) and Schwartz Dynasty (2005).

His television career began with the "Tal and Moshe" with Furster, followed by a scheduled time in the program Zehu Ze!, Tzafdina Mearahat ("Tzafdina hosting") and Shaaruria ("Scandal"). In 1999, he began a late night show titled Halomot BeHaKitzis with Eyal Kitzis, and the two moved on to the show Heaven or Hell. In 2004 they both joined the cast of Eretz Nehederet.[2] In 2007, they also cooperated on children's channel Logi.[3]

Tal Friedman as Roni Daniel on Eretz Nehederet

Friedman is married to Iris and has three children. He lives in Kiryat Tiv'on.[1] In recent years, he has been leading a band named "Tal Friedman and the Krayot".[4] He is an amateur meteorologist.[1]


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