Takibe Station

Takibe Station (滝部駅, Takibe-eki) is a JR West San'in Main Line railway station located in Hōhoku, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the stations on the Misuzu Shiosai Experience, which takes place on certain trains during the day between Nagatoshi and Hatabu.

Takibe Station

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Takibe Station
General information
Location452, Oaza Takibe Aza Moritomo, Hōhoku, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
Coordinates34°17′03″N 130°56′48″E / 34.284045°N 130.946673°E / 34.284045; 130.946673Coordinates: 34°17′03″N 130°56′48″E / 34.284045°N 130.946673°E / 34.284045; 130.946673
Operated byJR West
Line(s)San'in Main Line
  • Bus stop
2010266 daily

Station layoutEdit

The station was originally designed as a single entry station capable of serving three tracks across two platforms, however the third track was withdrawn and separated from the mainline, leaving just the two tracks. For that reason, the station layout was set so that trains travelling in each direction would stop at their respective platforms. The entrance to the station's building is on platform 1, while access to platform 2 can be made via an uncovered footbridge. There is a waiting room on each platform.

The station is run by the Nagato Railroad Bureau. There are no members of staff at the station on Mondays, though there is a computerized ticket machine with a touchscreen monitor.


  • 16 August 1925 - The extension of the Japanese National Rail Kogushi Line, as it was then known, from Kogushi Station, is completed. Takibe Station became the new final stop and began servicing customer as well as freight trains.
  • 9 September 1928 - The Kogushi Line is extended to Agawa Station.
  • 24 February 1933 - The Kogushi Line is incorporated into the San'in Main Line.
  • 1 March 1972 - The service of freight trains is cancelled.
  • 1 April 1987 - Under the privatisation of Japan's railways, Takibe Station becomes part of the West Japan Railway Company.
  • 1 April 2008 - Takibe switches to a simpler ticket system.

The construction of the San'in Main Line was the final link in connecting the trainlines in the area during the Taishō period. At the time, the plan was to have the entire line along the Sea of Japan's coastline, but in line with the wishes of the region's residents, as well as to keep the project in budget, Takibe Station and Kottoi Station were located inland.[citation needed]

In the era of JNR, the first train to Shimonoseki Station from Takibe Station was a local train that departed at 3:29am. With the exception of designated night trains, this was the earliest first departure anywhere in Japan.


1  San'in Main Line Kottoi, Agawa, Nagato-Awano, Nagatoshi
2  San'in Main Line Nagato-Futami, Ukahongō, Kogushi, Shimonoseki


The following lines pass through or terminate at Takibe Station:

Adjacent stationsEdit

« Service »
San'in Main Line
Kottoi   Local   Nagato-Futami
Hitomaru   Rapid   Kogushi

Local AreaEdit

  • Takibe Post Office
  • Shimonoseki City Branch Office (Hōhoku)
  • Hōhoku Senior High School
  • Hōhoku Junior High School
  • Takibe Elementary School
  • Shimososeki Special Products Centre
  • Hōhoku General Sports Park
  • Takibe Hospital
  • Takibe Onsen
  • Ichinomata Onsen
  • Hōhoku Historical Folk Museum (Former main building of Takibe Elementary School)
  • The Repputowa Stone Monument
  • Mōri Hidekane's Grave

Bus LineEdit

User statisticsEdit

Below are the average number of people who alight at Takibe Station per day.[1]

  • 1999 - 400
  • 2000 - 393
  • 2001 - 368
  • 2002 - 351
  • 2003 - 328
  • 2004 - 310
  • 2005 - 280
  • 2006 - 304
  • 2007 - 311
  • 2008 - 304
  • 2009 - 290
  • 2010 - 266
  • 2011 - 250


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