Takhti Stadium (Tabriz)

The Takhti Stadium2 (Persian: ورزشگاه تختي‎) formerly known as Bagh Shomal Stadium3 (Persian: ورزشگاه باغ شمال‎) is a multi-use stadium in Tabriz, Iran.[1] It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Iran Pro League team Machine Sazi. The stadium holds 25,000 people. Iran Team Melli's largest ever victory took place in this stadium, in the match against Guam on 24 November 2000 in which Iran won by 19–0.[2]

Takhti Stadium
"Bağ Şumal"
Takhti Stadium Tabriz.jpg
Full nameTakhti Stadium of Tabriz
Former namesBagh Shomal Stadium (1949–1979)
LocationTabriz, Iran
OwnerMinistry of Sport and Youth (Iran)
Opened12 January 1950
Renovated1957, 1975
Machine Sazi (1969–2017)
Tractor (1970–1996)

Important gamesEdit

AFC Asian Cup 1976Edit

On 1976, part of 1976 AFC Asian Cup games held in Bagh Shomal Stadium.[3] The field of six teams was split into two groups of three. The games of Group A, including Kuwait, China PR and Malaysia were hosted by Tabriz.

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round
3 June 1976   Kuwait 2-0   Malaysia 1976 AFC Asian Cup
5 June 1976   China PR 1-1   Malaysia 1976 AFC Asian Cup
7 June 1976   China PR 0-1   Kuwait 1976 AFC Asian Cup

Iran National Football Team[4]Edit

Takhti Stadium was also hosted some of Iran national football team matches, including the first round of 2002 World Cup qualification, and the 2002 LG Cup tournament which was held among the football national teams of Iran, Paraguay, Morocco and South Africa. Takhti Stadium has played host to the friendly matches involving the Iran national football team.

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round
1976   Iran 1-1 Azerbaijan Team Friendly
17 May 1996   Iran 2–0   Qatar Friendly
21 April 1997   Iran 3–0   Kenya Friendly
24 November 2000   Iran 19-0   Guam 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification
28 November 2000   Iran 2-0   Tajikistan 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification
2002   Iran 1-11   Morocco 2002 LG Cup
2002   Iran 1-11   Paraguay 2002 LG Cup

Other National Football TeamEdit

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round
26 November 2000   Tajikistan 16-0   Guam 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification
2002   Morocco Unknwon   Paraguay 2002 LG Cup

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Coordinates: 38°04′03″N 46°18′05″E / 38.067403°N 46.301515°E / 38.067403; 46.301515