Takeda Station (Kyoto)

Takeda Station (竹田駅, Takeda-eki) is a railway station in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan. The station is managed by Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau which controls the municipal Karasuma Line subway.

Takeda Station

Kintetsu Takeda Station north gate east entrance.jpg
East side
LocationTakeda Okenoicho, Fushimi, Kyoto, Kyoto
Coordinates34°57′24.82″N 135°45′22.01″E / 34.9568944°N 135.7561139°E / 34.9568944; 135.7561139Coordinates: 34°57′24.82″N 135°45′22.01″E / 34.9568944°N 135.7561139°E / 34.9568944; 135.7561139
Operated byKyoto Municipal Subway
ConnectionsBus stop
Other information
Station codeB05 (Kintetsu)
K15 (Kyoto Municipal Subway)
Previous namesJōnangū-mae (until 1940)
Takeda Station is located in Kyoto city
Takeda Station
Takeda Station
Location within Kyoto city
Takeda Station is located in Japan
Takeda Station
Takeda Station
Takeda Station (Japan)
Stations between Kyoto and Takeda
Tōji / Kujō
Jūjō / Jūjō


The station is a junction of the following two railway lines:

The station is an intermediate station on the former and the southern terminal station of the latter. The two operators jointly provide through services between the two lines.


The station has two island platforms and four tracks. This is the sole subway station on the ground level in the Kyoto Subway system while all other stations are located underground.[3]


1  Kintetsu Kyoto Line from Kyoto on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line for Tambabashi, Shin-Tanabe, Yamato-Saidaiji, and Nara
2  Kintetsu Kyoto Line from the Karasuma Line for Tambabashi, Shin-Tanabe, Yamato-Saidaiji, and Nara
3  Karasuma Line for Kyoto (Subway), Shijo, and Kokusaikaikan
4  Kintetsu Kyoto Line for Toji and Kyoto (Kintetsu)

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Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line (K15)
Kuinabashi (K14) - Fushimi (Local)
Kintetsu Tambabashi (Express)
Kintetsu Kyoto Line
Kuinabashi (K14, Karasuma Line)
  Local   Fushimi
Tōji   Semi-Express   Kintetsu Tambabashi
Kuinabashi (K14, Karasuma Line)
  Express   Kintetsu Tambabashi


The station was opened by the Nara Electric Railway (奈良電気鉄道, Nara Denki Tetsudō) as Jōnangūmae Station (城南宮前駅) on November 15, 1928, when the railway started the operation between Kyoto and Momoyamagoryō-mae stations.[4] On April 1, 1940, the station was renamed Takeda Station. The Nara Electric Railway was merged into the Kintetsu Railway on October 1, 1963, so that the station belonged Kintetsu since then.[5][citation needed]

On June 11, 1988, when the extension of the Karasuma Line subway was completed[6] the station was moved to its current site where is about 350 meters north of the original location and was expanded to serve both Kintetsu and subway lines. At this time the station was handed from Kintetsu to the transportation bureau.[citation needed]

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