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Take Me Out is a 2002 play by American playwright Richard Greenberg originally staged by Donmar Warehouse, London, with The Public Theater. It premiered Off-Broadway on September 5, 2002, at the Joseph Papp Public Theater, and made its Broadway debut on February 27, 2003, at the Walter Kerr Theatre, where it ran 355 performances. It won the 2003 Tony Award for Best Play.

Take Me Out
Written byRichard Greenberg
CharactersDarren Lemming
Kippy Sunderstrom
Mason Marzac
Shane Mungitt
Davey Battle
Toddy Koovitz
William R. Danziger
Jason Chenier
Takeshi Kawabata
Date premiered2002
Place premieredDonmar Warehouse
London, England
Original languageEnglish
SubjectHomophobia, racism, and class in sport
SettingA baseball locker room


Much of the play is set in the locker room of a professional baseball team, and as such has an all-male cast that explores themes of homophobia, racism, class, and masculinity in sports.

The play's main character, Darren Lemming, is a popular and successful mixed-race baseball player at the peak of his career when he decides to come out. Several of his teammates react strongly (some supportive and accepting, and some not), and the drama plays out over the course of a baseball season with tragic consequences.


While Glenn Burke was out to teammates and team owners in the 1970s and Billy Bean came out in 1999 after retiring from playing in Major League Baseball for eight seasons, at the time of the writing of this play no Major League Baseball player had ever come out to the public during his career. This play is the dramatic exploration of what such an event might be like.

Playwright Greenberg has stated that one of the compulsions for creating a baseball play was his complete immersion into the sport in 1999 after following the New York Yankees' (then-)record 114-win season the previous year, beginning with David Wells' perfect game.[1] Many believe the inspiration for Lemming is former American Major League Baseball player Derek Jeter of the Yankees, and for racist pitcher Shane Mungitt, former National League pitcher John Rocker, then of the Atlanta Braves.[2][3][4]


Original London cast (2003)Edit

Take Me Out ran at the Donmar Warehouse from 20 June to 3 August 2002.[5][6]

Original Broadway cast (2003–2004)Edit

Following an Off-Broadway run at The Public Theater, the play ran at the Walter Kerr Theatre from 27 February 2003 to 4 January 2004.

  • Daniel Sunjata - Darren Lemming
  • Neal Huff - Kippy Sunderstrom
  • Denis O'Hare - Mason Marzac
  • Frederick Weller - Shane Mungitt
  • Kevin Carroll - Davey Battle
  • David Eigenberg - Toddy Koovitz
  • Gene Gabriel - Rodriguez/Policeman
  • Robert M. Jimenez - Martinez/Policeman
  • Joe Lisi - Skipper/William R. Danziger
  • Kohl Sudduth- Jason Chenier
  • James Yaegashi - Takeshi Kawabata

Original Singapore Cast (2014)Edit

Take Me Out was produced in Singapore by Tim Garner Productions.[7] The play opened on 8 January 2014 and ran until 16 January at the DBS Arts Centre, then moved to the Alliance Française Theatre from 18 January until 31 January.[8]

  • Juan Jackson - Darren Lemming
  • Hayden Tee - Mason Marzac
  • Tim Garner - Kippy Sunderstrom
  • Chris Bucko - Shane Mungitt
  • Paul Lucas - Skipper
  • Seth Adams - Toddy Koovitz/Policeman
  • Kynan Francis - Jason Chenier/Policeman
  • Johnny James - Davey Battle
  • Ren Robles - Rodriguez
  • Jejie Esguerra - Martinez
  • Hiro Mizuhara - Takeshi Kawabata
  • William Ledbetter - William R. Danziger (voice)

Broadway Revival Cast (2020)Edit

A Broadway revival will run at the Hayes Theatre beginning in previews on April 2, 2020 and officially on April 23.[9]

Awards and nominationsEdit


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