Takao Prefecture

Takao Prefecture (高雄, Takao-shū) was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese rule. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County.

Takao Prefecture
たかおしゅう Takaoshū
Takao, Taiwan.jpg
A pre-1924 map of Takao Prefecture
CapitalTakao City
• 1941
5,721.8674 km2 (2,209.2254 sq mi)
• 1941
Historical eraTaiwan under Japanese rule
• Established
September 1920
• Takao upgraded to city
• Pescadores transferred to Hōko Prefecture
• Heitō upgraded to city
• Disestablished
October 1945
Political subdivisions2 cities (市)
7 districts (郡)
Succeeded by
Kaohsiung County
Pingtung County
Today part ofKaohsiung, Pingtung County
Takao Prefecture government office


Administrative divisions of Takao Prefecture (1945).
Total population 930,383
Japanese 59,633
Taiwanese 863,313
Korean 598
1941 (Showa 16) census.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Cities and districtsEdit

In 1945 (Shōwa 20), there were 2 cities and 7 districts.

Cities (市 shi) Districts (郡 gun)
Name Kanji Kana Name Kanji Kana
Takao City 高雄市 たかをし Okayama District 岡山郡 おかやまぐん
Hōzan District 鳳山郡 ほうざんぐん
Kizan District 旗山郡 きざんぐん
Heitō City 屏東市 へいとうし Heitō District 屏東郡 へいとうぐん
Chōshū District 潮州郡 ちょうしゅうぐん
Tōkō District 東港郡 とうこうぐん
Kōshun District 恒春郡 こうしゅんぐん

Towns and villagesEdit

The districts were divided into towns (街) and villages (庄).

District Name Kanji Notes
Okayama town 岡山街 Today Gangshan District and Ciaotou District
Ensō village 燕巣庄 Today Yanchao District
Denryō village 田寮庄 Today Tianliao District
Aren village 阿蓮庄 Today Alian District
Rochiku village 路竹庄 Today Lujhu District
Konai village 湖内庄 Today Hunei District, Qieding District
Mida village 弥陀庄 Today Mituo District, Yong'an District and Ziguan District
Nanshi village 楠梓庄 Abolished in 1944, annexed into Takao City, Okayama town and Ensō village
Saei village 左営庄 Abolished in 1940, annexed into Takao City
Hōzan town 鳳山街 Today Fongshan District
Kominato village 小港庄 Today Siaogang District
Rinen village 林園庄 Today Linyuan District
Dairyō village 大寮庄 Today Daliao District
Daiju village 大樹庄 Today Dashu District
Jinbu village 仁武庄 Today Dashe District and Renwu District
Torimatsu village 鳥松庄 Today Niaosong District
Kizan town 旗山街 Today Cishan District
Mino town 美濃街 Today Meinong District
Rokuki village 六亀庄 Today Liouguei District
Sanrin village 杉林庄 Today Shanlin District
Kōsen village 甲仙庄 Today Jiasian District
Naimon village 内門庄 Today Neimen District
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Maolin District, Namasia District and Tauyuan District
Chōkō village 長興庄 Today Changzhi Township and Linluo Township
Enho village 塩埔庄 Today Yanpu Township
Takagi village 高樹庄 Today Gaoshu Township
Rikō village 里港庄 Today Ligang Township
Kyūkai village 九塊庄 Today Jiuru Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Majia Township, Sandimen Township and Wutai Township
Heitō town 屏東街 Upgraded to a city in 1933. Today Pingtung City
Rokuki village 六亀庄 Annexed into Kizan district in 1932
Chōshū town 潮州街 Today Chaozhou Township
Manran village 万巒庄 Today Wanluan Township
Naiho village 内埔庄 Today Neipu Township
Takeda village 竹田庄 Today Zhutian Township
Shinhi village 新埤庄 Today Xinpi Township
Hōryō village 枋寮庄 Today Fangliao Township
Hōzan village 枋山庄 Today Fangshan Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Chunri Township, Laiyi Township, Shizi Township and Taiwu Township
Tōkō town 東港街 Today Donggang Township
Shin'en town 新園庄 Today Xinyuan Township and Kanding Township
Mantan village 万丹庄 Today Wandan Township
Rinhen village 林辺庄 Today Linbian Township and Nanzhou Township
Katō village 佳冬庄 Today Jiadong Township
Ryūkyū village 琉球庄 Lamay Island, today Liuqiu Township
Kōshun town 恒春街 Today Hengchun Township
Shajō village 車城庄 Today Checheng Township
Manshū village 満州庄 Today Manzhou Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Mudan Township
in 1924)
Takao town 高雄街 Upgraded to a city in 1924
Ensō village 燕巣庄 Annexed into Okayama district in 1924
Saei village 左営庄 Annexed into Okayama district in 1924
Nanshi village 楠梓庄 Annexed into Okayama district in 1924
Jinbu village 仁武庄 Annexed into Hōzan district in 1924

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