Tajik National University

Tajik National University (Russian: Таджикский национальный университет; Tajik: Донишгоҳи Миллии Тоҷикистон, romanizedDonishgohi Millii Tojikiston) is the first and largest university in Tajikistan with a total of 23,000 students trained per year in 18 different academic branches.

Tajik National University
Russian: Таджикский национальный университет
Tajik: Донишгоҳи Миллии Тоҷикистон
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RectorImomov Mahmaisuf
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Rudaki str. 17, 734025
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38°33′46″N 68°48′01″E / 38.5628°N 68.8003°E / 38.5628; 68.8003Coordinates: 38°33′46″N 68°48′01″E / 38.5628°N 68.8003°E / 38.5628; 68.8003
LanguageTajik, Russian, English

TNU was formed on 21 March 1947 and the head office of the university is located in the capital city of Tajikistan, Dushanbe Rudaki Avenue near Vatan cinema.

Tajik National University prepares very extensive human resources for sectors of the economy of Tajikistan, from journalists to ordinary finance professionals and managers. President Emomali Rahmon and the former chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan Murodali Alimardon are alumni.

The university encompasses publishing, a research library, a botanical garden, a hostel, 114 departments (107 special departments) and a military chair and high school. For the industrial and practical training of students in the establishment, there are the functioning educational and production bases: Takob, Ziddi and Javoni.

The university has 154 doctors, professors and 509 candidates of sciences. The Tajik National University has 8 dissertation councils over 10 areas in which each year around 100 master's and doctoral theses are defended.

Tuition at the Tajik National University for legal and economic fields ranges from US$2,000 to US$2,800. This is among the highest tuition costs in Tajikistan.


When TNU formed Institute for Advanced Studies teachers RT Universities, Research Institutes, scientific library with 945 000 copies of scientific, educational, fiction and periodicals means 110 research laboratories, electronic library with access to more than 12 million digital online sources, bio-technology Centre, Techno Park, Center for Language Studies, Cultural Education Center “Confucius”, Center of periodicals, printing and translation center “Russian world”, the cultural centers of Iran and Pakistan. In 2009, the high school course and Mathematics was established at the university.

Academic departmentsEdit

  1. Faculty of Law
  2. Faculty of International Relations
  3. Faculty of Economics and Management
  4. Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
  5. Faculty of Chemistry
  6. Faculty of Accounting and Economics
  7. Faculty of Journalism
  8. Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
  9. Faculty of Physics
  10. Faculty of Philology
  11. Faculty of Geology
  12. Faculty of Languages Asia and Europe
  13. Faculty of Philosophy
  14. Faculty of Psychology
  15. Faculty of Finance and Economy
  16. Faculty of Biology
  17. Faculty of History
  18. Faculty of Russian Language and Literature

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