Taipei City Hall

Coordinates: 25°2′15″N 121°33′52″E / 25.03750°N 121.56444°E / 25.03750; 121.56444

The Taipei City Hall (Chinese: 臺北市市政大樓), the seat of Taipei City government, is located at Xinyi Special District, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei City Hall
Taipei City Hall face 20050531.jpg
General information
LocationXinyi, Taipei, Taiwan
Construction startedJune 6, 1986[1]
OwnerTaipei City Government
Roof54.42 m[1]
Technical details
Floor count12[1]
Floor area196,684m2[1]

The height of building is 54.42 m, the floor area is 196,684.59m2, and it comprises 12 floors above ground, as well as 2 basement levels.[1]


The city hall building was established in 1994.[2]


The Taipei City Hall building is a 12-story architecture with a total floor space of about 197,000 m2, capable of accommodating 6,000 employees. The building also often houses exhibitions, performances, speeches, etc.[3]

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